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Alchemist/Plague Doctor class.


Official Terrarian
I think an alchemist/plague doctor class would work well in Terraria (normal and otherworld).

Look: Cloaks and bird masks.
Gameplay: Throws mana consuming potions with lots of varying on-hit effects.
E.g. Explosions, fire that goes along the ground, walls and ceiling and creating clouds and mists with effects like ichor.


Pixel Pirate
I have two opinions about this;

First; that would be a different type of sorcerer class, and I think it should be most likely a support class for multiplayer events. For example, an Alchemist might be restore health/mana of other players while doing a little damage to the enemies. And it may have abilities to heal from attacks, from the cost of lower DPS.

Second; adding a whole new class requires lots of new weapons and armor. You should think on it much and much harder.
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