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Hey guys, I will be releasing the mod named in the title in the next couple of days. Just wanted to make a thread for it.

What the mod does is just combines a bunch of different potions into single buffs that persist through death and last 30 minutes. 1 hour for the "ultra buff".

The main motivation for the mod was due to all the extra debuffs the Calamity mod adds to the game (taking up buff slots), as well as the frustration of having to constantly grind more ingredients for potions when dying repeatedly to bosses. When I made the mod, I was specifically thinking of Calamity Revengeance/Death mode.

This mod should be more balanced than other mods that do the same thing, because you still have to grind out the ingredients for each use of the potions, as well as the MacGuffin that I called Alchemical Essence required for each potion craft (admittedly made trivial by an ocean farm or other such mob mass murder method). It is also a potion you have to use instead of an accessory or an item that just sits in your inventory, so it doesn't act as a permabuff either.

It's unlikely I'll be changing much of anything about the mod but do leave feedback if you so desire. Once the mod is released of course!

I did end up using open license art assets that I found so if anyone wants to volunteer more "Terraria-esque" art to replace what I used, that would be pretty awesome!

Hope you guys enjoy! :)

In case anyone needs a pointer, once you find an Alchemical Essence, check with the guide. You'll find them just by playing the game.

EDIT: Also should be giving out a shout out to @VVV101 for his Alchemist NPC mod that helped me figure out how to code in some of the effects for the potions.

Perma-link in case you can't access mod browser:
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This mod has been updated to the latest tModLoader! I made a few changes to the crafting recipes but otherwise it should mostly be the same. Hope you guys enjoy!

It is listed on the mod browser as "Combined Vanilla Potions".
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