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All equipment that increases summon damage incorrectly states that they increase minion damage instead.


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All summoner equipment that increases summon damage says that it increases minion damage, but it actually increases summon damage. This makes reading the descriptions of equipment slightly confusing as the equipment makes you think that it will not affect whip (and technically sentry) damage, but it does. All instances of minion damage should be changed to summon damage to be more accurate and in line with other class damage boosting equipment.

This affects all armor that increases summon damage (including the Tavernkeep's armors) and all accessories that increase summon damage. If you have a Journey character with the affected items researched, you can type into the search bar "minion damage" to see all of the items (because the Journey search bar is really good and searches through item descriptions too).

Some other text oddities I noticed while going through this:
-The Papyrus Scarab doesn't mention the exact % damage increase, despite that both components mention the exact % damage increase.
-Flasks say that they affect Melee and Whip attacks, but the Flask buffs still only mention Melee attacks.
-The Deactivated Probe (Master Mode Destroyer drop) seems to have a missing comma in its flavor text. 'It's safe to operate this right?' -> 'It's safe to operate this, right?'. I'm not certain that a comma should go there, but bringing this up is probably a good idea.
-Feral Claws and accessories that are made from it say that they enable auto swing for melee weapons, but they do not mention that they also enable auto swing for whips. These accessories should actually mention whip auto swing as it is a huge detail to leave out. This is probably something that goes in the Player Suggestions forums instead, but it fits here.
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