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Base All Items map 1.3.5 Ztorage_Zystem!


Hi Everybody! Welcome to my item maps!! Within these nine maps is all 3890 (three thousand eight hundred and ninety) Terraria 1.3.5 items that can be in a chest at world load. Everything has at least one fullchest, and in many cases, 25 (twenty five) full chests! For example, want some Luminite Bullets? How about 999,000! Each chest has a mounted example of what is in that chest, so you can literaly see what is in it without opening it. (The "spare" paintings, statues, and banners, are a bit different, but not much.) With so many items, even mounting examples will not avoid all confusion, so in the asociated forum posting will be an attached index listing. These worlds do _not_ contain things like Etenian Mana (which bizarly can be mounted,) Hardened Sand Wall or its variants, (Hardened Ebonsand Wall, Hardened Crimsand Wall, and Hardened Pearlsand Wall,) or anything else that dissapears on world load. It does, however, have things like Red Potion and the completly useless Boring Bow!

All 23 Town NPCs are present, as is all crafting stations. Background walls block all Enemy NPC spawns, so you can browse, shop, and craft in peace!

Also included is the 4th generation of my custom character "Zoh Good" and if you though he was cheat-y before, wait until you see him now! No female variant this time, but he does come with a Gender Change Potion, so its up to you. The "unusual" stacks do indeed work, even the strangest ones. However it should be noted that if any of the "unusual" stacks are left in a chest, on world load it will be reduced to standard limits. Be sure to check out all his portable storage!

Happy Looting!

Release History

Ztorage_Zystem!_v01.00.00 2018-07-26
- initial release


Any Questions/whatever, please post here instead of on Curse.

Also check out;

Edit; 2019-03-09
I found out that there is a couple of youtube tutorials that showcase how to download and install these worlds;

Terraria PC How To Download Maps (WORKING)
Published on Dec 6, 2018

Published on Jan 3, 2019


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sorry, i dont believe it can. xboxs360 is Desktop Equivalent to whereas this is also i dont know of a way to convert the worlds between systems.


Wanted to thank you for your storage maps. When I finally decided to buy the PC version, I bought through GOG, not realizing there are no mods for this version, so these really helped! :nursegrin:


yes, they are in the "WeaponsTools" subworld, about 3/4s of the way to the right. there are light pets, mounts, then vanity pets. remember that to use the bunny carrot you need to have the "collectors edition".
[doublepost=1544392018,1544391724][/doublepost]to anyone wondering if a particular item is included, or which subworld has it; check out the "index" file attached to the main post. its is a complete listing of all the included items, and will be updated whenever the worlds are.
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