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Base All Items map 1.3.5 Ztorage_Zystem!

Discussion in 'Released' started by lathemandrel, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. somerandomdude

    somerandomdude Terrarian

  2. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    No problem!
  3. somerandomdude

    somerandomdude Terrarian

    Oh and also, where is the yoyo bag?
  4. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian


    Also, in the thread, there is a file that shows you where everything is, just press ctrl + F and type in what you want, and boom! It shows you where it is
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  5. Italiks

    Italiks Terrarian

    where is the guide voodoo doll?
  6. lathemandrel

    lathemandrel Terrarian

    please check the index file linked in the original post. it will tell you which sub-world has it, and all the boss summoning items are grouped together.
  7. jobroplayer

    jobroplayer Terrarian

    where are forbidden fragments?
  8. BenTDD

    BenTDD Terrarian

    Where can I find the fishing poles?
  9. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    @ everybody use the guide in the thread to find out what is where
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  10. fredfoo123

    fredfoo123 Terrarian

    where are the mana flower and electrosphere launcher? thanks its a great map
  11. lathemandrel

    lathemandrel Terrarian

    thanks for the thanks!
    for anyone looking for specific items, please check the index file linked in the original post, it will tell you which sub-world has each item.
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  12. Maru 2

    Maru 2 Terrarian

    Do you know where the biome keys are? thanks in advance!
  13. Jakie_rulez

    Jakie_rulez Terrarian

    I cannot find how to make this work, I need help, I don't like the "code" and the documents stuff, I should know this stuff but I don't.
  14. Jakie_rulez

    Jakie_rulez Terrarian

    where exactly are heart crystals?
  15. lathemandrel

    lathemandrel Terrarian

    what do you mean by ""code" and documents" stuff? for help on installing the worlds you can watch the videos in the first post. for searching a specific item, in "Ztorage_Zystem!_v01.00.00 index.zip" is a text file, open the text file, use ctrl+f to look for that item name, and to the right of the name is the short form of which world has it. for example, the "'0' statue" can be found in both "Ztorage_AmmoEtc" and in the "Ztorage_Furniture" worlds.