PS3 All Out War (PvP + build) PS3, PS4, PSVita

Which class do you perfer?

  • Mage

    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • Warrior/melee

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Ranged

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the snow spirit

Official Terrarian
War has erupted in the land of Terraria. many will fight, many will die, and only one will triumph. In this event, 8 people will fight on 2 teams 4 on one, and 4 on the other. member on each team will be based on class and experience with fighting in PvP. Also in this event, you will build blockades, archery towers, and other forms of buildings to use to your advantage, whether it is to stop the other players for a brief moment, or to launch an attack on your opponent. One thing to note: you will have a limited time to: first build your defenses, then fight until either you run out of time or you kill all four members of the opposing team and build a flag so signal the win of that round.

Here is a list of things to bring and not to bring.

to bring: weapons of your class, no mixing classes, a full set of the same armor, and accessories of your choice, preferably with these prefixes( +4% defense, damage, melee speed, critical strike chance, or +20 mana for those magic users. )

not to bring: any pickaxes that can mine chlorophyte ore or lihzahrd bricks (no higher than mythril or orichalcum pickaxes), building blocks (they will be provided), mass numbers of coins (unless you want to buy something from me, but put it in your piggy bank/safe when you're done).

Also this is kind of a no-brainer, but please have max Health and mana.

I could also use some suggestions on what else to put for rules and dates.

For those who are interested, please friend me and letting me know that you want to attend to this PSN account: snow-obsidian
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of course, you're the first person to reply at all. i was afraid that after 2 weeks that i would have to close this down. but thankfully you came along. and to top it off, you, that's right, you and 4 other people can be whatever they want to be, whether it's a co-builder, wire mechanic, idea man, or if they just want to fight in the event, it's all up to you. they can be more than one though.
It says youre online now so Please send a friend request soon! I just got an new turtle beach headset so I can do voice call
[DOUBLEPOST=1443895587,1443895523][/DOUBLEPOST]Are you snow obsedian?
yes, that's me
[DOUBLEPOST=1443895702,1443895624][/DOUBLEPOST]any i can't play using voice chat, my mic dies within 2 minutes of usage
i need to edit the rules a bit. for fairness and to not have hosts being on a team, i will have 6 people at max, 3 on one side, 3 on the other.
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