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    This is a 'guide' for getting all the NPC's (There is a badge for it)
    Hope you enjoy :D

    Guide: Starting Off, Easy Peasy
    Merchant: Having at least 50 silver coins available.
    Nurse: Increase your life, by mining and using Crystal Hearts, found underground.
    Demolitionist: Finding a explosive, such as grenades,bombs, etc.
    Dryad: Defeating the Eye of Cthulhu, Eater Of Worlds, Brain Of Cthulhu (not King Slime).
    Dye Trader: Getting a dye item Yellow marigold, Red husk,Blueberries) as well as getting one Strange Plant or Defeating 1 Pre-hardmode Boss.
    Stylist: Find this NPC webbed in a spider cavern. (BEWARE)
    Witch Doctor: Queen Bee is defeated.
    Clothier: Skeletron is defeated, by talking to the Old Man at the Dungeon.
    Mechanic: Found in the dungeon randomly.
    Goblin Tinkerer: Find this NPC randomly in the cavern layer after defeating a Goblin Invasion.
    Ammo Dealer: You have a gun in your inventory. (Not in a chest, maybe break a Shadow Orb/Crimson Heart)
    Painter: Having 8 or more NPC's in your world.
    Angler: Found in an Ocean, at the edge of the world.
    Party Girl: having 13 or more NPC's in your world.

    Wizard: Found in the cavern layer.
    Tax Collector: Sprinkle Purification Powder (From the Dryad) onto a Tortured Soul in the Underworld.
    Steampunker: One of the Mechanical Bosses (Destroyer,Twins,Skeletron Prime) have been defeated.
    Cyborg: Plantera is defeated.
    Santa: The Frost Moon has been defeated.
    Truffle: Build a Surface Mushroom Biome and make a house there.
    Pirate: A pirate invasion is defeated.

    Travelling Merchant: Can Appear everyday, as long as two NPC's are in your world, excluding the two below.
    Old Man: Spawns in World Creation, just to summon Skeletron.
    Skeleton Merchant: Found Randomly Underground.

    Note: This may be duplicated from another guide like this.

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    Here is a link to a video depicting all the steps required to get Truffle to Join your town. Enjoy!
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    Ok, Thanks a lot! #MoarComments :D
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    Really nice guide. Could really help for a beginner. Keep posting this kind of content ;)
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    Thanks! i will plan to add more ;)
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    I have been wondering when the nurse would come... thanks!
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    Actually, Santa only comes when tis' the season, not after a frost moon. Just thought I'd let you know
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    Its when you defeated the Frost Legion and its Christmas, as far as i know.
  9. Avamaco

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    Dye Trader arrives when you:
    -have a strange plant
    -have a normal Dye plant and defeat any boss
  10. Electroman102

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    Dryad spawns when ANY boss is killed, not just EoC, BoC and EoW. King slime is included
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    the Dryad WILL NOT SPAWN IF just King slime is killed
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    Good 2 know
  13. Cool guidr but i wanna defeat expert moon lord
  14. Foxcub

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    Truffle can move in if mushroom biome is in the space.