PC Allow Corrupt/Crimson Mimic to change to counterparts via shimmer


Earlier this week, I was playing good ol' Ranger and wanted to obtain the Stalker Quiver (Magic Quiver + Putrid Scent), but I was in a Crimson world. The obvious solution would've been, "throw some Flesh Knuckles into some Shimmer and it'll turn into Putrid Scent." But unfortunately, that is not the case, and I would like to see that changed, not only for the Flesh Knuckles and Putrid Scent, but also for other drops, such as the hooks and dart guns.


Official Terrarian
The Devs want players to put in a little bit of work to get alternative evil biome items so Shimmer transmuting all evil biome items into their equivalents probably won’t happen. However alternate evil Biome Mimics can be hard to farm because Keys of Night can only spawn the worlds evil Mimic. So either Biome Mimic drops are the only Corruption/Crimson items that transmute or Re-Logic could add a Corrupt Key of Night and a Crimson Key of Night that spawn each respective biome Mimic. Then when you throw in a Corrupt Key it turns into the Crimson Key and vice versa.
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