Allow Rod of Discord/Harmony and Portal Gun to go in hook slot


And maybe rename it to mobility slot or something.

I hardly ever use hooks very late in the game, it would be nice to have the option to put the Rod in that slot to have a more convenient way to use it and free up one slot in the hotbar. Portal Gun also fits in that category (but it requires two buttons to operate) and there could be other things that I forgot.

EDIT: I forgot the Portal Gun requires two buttons to operate so it wouldn't work in the hook slot.

EDIT2: I thought of a way to make the Portal Gun work: holding hotkey causes character to pull out Portal Gun, then left/right click to activate it. It would work on PC, at least.
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Reminds me of the Hook of Discord from WeaponOut mod with the exact functionality as described.

Definitely supporting this idea.


Would be super cool. Obviously downside is not having a hook.
Yes, this should be thought of as an alternative to using hooks, in addition to being an alternative way to use Rod of Discord.

I wouldn't be opposed to an creating an entirely new item slot with an associated new hotkey, though.


I've thought of this exact thing before. Can't remember if I posted it or not though. Either way, I'd love to see this.
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