AlphaEspeon’s AMA!


Duke Fishron
Hello. It’s probably about time I made one of these.

I’m open to all questions except for ones that get into the nitty-gritty of where I live.

Go ahead! Ask me a question!

“Oh, don’t forget about me!”

“Yeah, don’t forget about us.”

Yeah, feel free to ask a question to me or Alpha and Beta!
The very first time I used Alpha as a character was in Random Forum Fights Infinity, but I left that. The current Alpha has been around since December 10th, or the day I released RP - Calamity Adventure. So, I would say maybe 1/2 a year developing the current Alpha and her world
If there's a bit of advice I can give, it's that you may want to give TV Tropes a look through for character tropes and things to do and not do with your character. It's got some pretty solid advice there, as well as a few of the dos and don'ts for character building as well as world building. YouTube channels like Overly Sarcastic Productions and Terrible Writing Advice also help with general stuff about both too (though the latter should probably be taken in a "read the channel name" function). In terms of niche things like Medieval of Sci fi, channels likely exist for that kind of thing.
Also, if you want your protagonists to look competent, remember to make the antagonists look competent too. Things are a lot more believable when antagonists are an actual threat, and not paper tigers.
Just some random stuff, I love world and character building... probably too much, actually.
Depends. I’m not much of a person to find secrets in games, but I would prefer a challenge, mainly because with hard to find secrets, you could easily look it up online
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