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  1. AlphaEspeon

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    I not that good of an artist, but I’ll post some of my artwork here. I only have two right now. They’ll be attached as files.
    This is some Undertale fan art I made. It took me a few hours. I had the most trouble figuring out how do draw Frisk!

    This one is a piece a made using my character Alpha from Role Play - Calamity Adventure. It depicts Alpha angry and causing destruction.

    As I make more, I’ll post it. I make these using Procreate on iPad.
  2. ASG_102

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    "Not that good" These are good :dryadhappy:
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  3. AlphaEspeon

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    Thanks. I don’t consider myself great, but I’m still okay at it.
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  4. InstaFiz

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    This stuff is banging! Good art!
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  5. AlphaEspeon

    AlphaEspeon Skeletron Prime

    Baby Slime Fan Art! This took me about 30 min to an hour to make!
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    ...do you do requests?
  7. AlphaEspeon

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    No, not right now. Maybe later. I still need to get better.
  8. AlphaEspeon

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    Request for @Bubby Aurora. Don’t ask me for requests unless I’m ready for them.
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    CEB3BC4E-51DD-452A-9266-E07E406D728A.png 9545ED13-9C71-48C3-A713-0D2E560F3DDF.png 4253DF74-6963-47B0-9964-6691BED43242.png C4BE578F-0705-4A9E-AE25-07360A24B407.png

    Emotes for a discord server
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