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Alternate Endings


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Quite a few people have suggested for the game to have an ending. And yes, I agree-the game should be able to end. After all, what we've seen so far seems to imply that the game will have an end goal. However, I feel like it could use something more. And that something more is...well, just look at the thread title. I had previously suggested for the game to have alternate endings in the comment section of a video of someone saying some things he'd like in Otherworld, but let's be honest, nobody reads YouTube comments. So I'll repost it here for convenience.

The Video in Question:

My Alternate Ending Idea:
Okay, this may seem a little bit out there, but...Alternate endings?

Alright, let me explain: The game is called Terraria: Otherworld. Otherworld. An alternate timeline. The game takes place in an alternate universe where the Corruption took over, so why not, you know, let the player decide what will happen?

In one ending, the Corruption is completely removed and the world is purified.
In another, the player betrays the NPCs and works to spread the Corruption across the world.

In another, the player removes the Corruption and spreads the Hallow instead.

In yet another, the player stops the Corruption's spread, but doesn't remove it-instead creating an equal amount of Corruption and purification.

In two more, same as the last one, but with Hallow instead of either Corruption or purification.

In yet another, the player removes the Corruption and spreads the Crimson.

In yet another three, the player creates an equal amount of Crimson and Corruption, purification or Hallow.

In four more, the player makes an equal amount of all the special biomes except for one of the main four.

In yet ANOTHER, all four are spread an equal amount.

I could go on and on about all the alternate ending potential, since while I have listed all the combinations, more stuff could happen: They could add more special biomes for even more combinations! They could make it so that the various combinations don't immediately end the game, but rather unlock a different final boss depending on the combination:

for example, purifying the world would end the game with fighting some sort of master of the Corruption, while filling it with Corruption or Crimson would end the game with fighting one of the NPCs, like the Guide or the Dryad. Of course, they would have to be powered up because all the Guide has is a wooden bow and the Dryad can't even attack-she just buffs the player. They could give the Guide an Excalibur or True Excalibur(or any other light-based weapon really-maybe even a darkness weapon-plot twists happen, you know, and the player may need some sort of encouragement to take the Corruption route.;)) and maybe even turn into the Wall of Flesh(it is implied the WoF is the Guide in the original game, what with you summoning it with a Guide Voodoo Doll) while the Dryad could use all sorts of magic spells and/or summon minions to fight for her.

The Moon Lord could be fought in one of the endings. Maybe the ending where all four are equal? After all, the ML was the final boss of the first game, and having everything going on at once is usually how the normal game ends up near the end.

Let's not forget all sorts of other potential final bosses that they could make up:I would suggest all the different bosses in the first game, but we need some bosses for the rest of the game, you know. The only previous bosses I'd recommend for the final bosses would be Wall of Flesh, Moon Lord, and maybe Duke Fishron, The Flying Dutchman, Pumpking, Ice Queen and Martian Saucer for the joke endings.

Speaking of which, I haven't even gotten into the joke endings yet: There's tons of potential for really stupid, funny, weird and/or strangely satisfying/emotional endings with odd ways of unlocking them.

One ending could happen if you remove as many blocks as possible, leaving the world mostly empty.

Another few could happen if you flood the world with water, lava, honey or some other new liquid.

Some more could happen if you replace most blocks with some weird category of blocks like, I don't know, slime blocks?

Maybe a joke ending unlocks if you use a voodoo doll to kill Santa?

Or how about one which happens when you kill the Dungeon Guardian?

Or maybe even one where you just craft a nuke and a spaceship and just say "screw it" and fly off into space as you watch your homeland explode?

There is so much potential for different endings: Good endings, bad endings, bittersweet endings, anticlimactic endings, endings with aliens, endings with monkeys, endings with alien monkeys, ludicrously hard to get "good" endings with little to no difference from the normal ending, and, of course, an ending with a dog controlling everything all along for good measure.

mayk it hapn rddjit -Bearfax, 2015
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I would prefer that development resources go to adding further progression, depth, gameplay variety, or polish over a wide breadth of endings. There isn't anything wrong with the concept, I just think the effort would be much better spent in a variety of other different areas. That being said, using some of these concepts as additional gameplay stages - For example, once you purify the world, the next stage of the game is to transform it into Hallow (or some new biome), and the purity resists that just like the corruption did the purity. Or once you defeat the corruption, desert starts to spread over the world, or something of the like.


I think the game could use an in dept hidden lore to imply the legends behind the games bosses. I would like to see the story line guided by the Concepts behind the Cthulu Mythos as the corruption is based on it and supposedly the corruption is going to be the central idea of otherworld


Alternate endings would be awesome, but if they are implemented i hope they are more original then the classic good and bad ending.

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I'd love to try creating a thread listing more endings in greater detail, if that's alright with you. I just love this concept - just everything about it.


I would LOVE to see multiple endings of the game, although I would prefer the plot to be expanded more than just purify the world and stuff like that. For example: if the portal gun were to come back, you could find something to help you get back to your starter world before the corruption, and having the choice to leave the npcs, bring them with you, leave by yourself, or even killing them before leaving! And other possibilities could be you turning into a corrupt creature, dooming the world entirely, purifying the surface of the world, but not underground (resulting in the corruption becoming more powerful than ever and taking over the Galaxy somehow), or having you fully purifying the world at the cost of never being able to go back home. Just some thoughts, though.


+1 from me. Now I really CAN be aligned with the crimson/corruption.

Would be nice if it shed some light on just what the heck is actually going on in the Terraria&Otherworld
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