Alternate Origins

Lanie Rubyss

Empress of Light

Alternate Origins provides access to starting gear based upon a selected origin. Mostly focused upon class-based starts, players will use crafting to identify the books that represent posible origins and use them to claim the gear of that origin. This mod is absolutely intended to have support for custom classes and content mods.

Everything begins with an "Unknown Volume", which can either be converted into a "Secret Tale" or identified as a Volume matching the Vanilla game or another supported content mod. Using the selected Volume will provide an "Unknown Book", with 9 possible options:

  • Pyra the Inferno - The path of the Warrior
  • Astra the Light - The path of enlightenment
  • Ventra the Breeze - The path of the Archer
  • Stiria the Frost - The forgotten sealed path
  • Unda the Water - The path of the Summoner
  • Luna the Phantom - The path of forbidden power
  • Fulga the Thunder - The path of the Mage
  • Gaia the Stone - The nature protector's path
  • Memoria the Purity - The pathless of tranquil harmony

There is also Ruina the Void, capable of resetting one's origin, but there is no way to attain it. Be cautious about accepting Memoria, the classless path is one typically to forgo a starting weapon. The other uncertain books may vary depending upon the volume that lead to it. Typically, Astra is about speed or support, Stiria attempts to recall the lost art of Throwing, Luna is about charms or enchantments, and Gaia is about tanking.

Beyond the origins of the nine attained from different volumes, there are also the Secret Tales as even further available origins. Here, there are a few unusual vanilla-based origins available for those with very niche tastes, along with where many additionally supported stand-alone custom classes appear when it is not collected within a volume. The complete collection of supported mods is an ongoing work in progress.

Once an origin is selected, the origin will provide some very early gear. This is typically a weapon or tool, an accessory, and some basic armor. Then there is some kind of bonus item, along with the "Unknown Profile". This last treat is because I have some personal interest in designing vanity styles. As it is only starting vanity, it will typically be a blended makeshift style, rarely a complete set. It won't be perfect, encouraging gaining additional vanity replacements along the way, but hopefully being a meaningful enough beginning. The "Classic Style" represents the style of the Book that was chosen originally (does not work for Tales), while the "Familiar Style" is there if you want your efforts in character creation to be preserved despite starting with armor. Additional styles will be added as possible profiles overtime, another ongoing work in progress.

I've finally finished making a mod that was designed to provide an interface for beginning playthroughs with class-based gear in a format designed to easily be extensible to:
  • Custom Classes from Mods (Such as Clicker Class)
  • Content-based Mods (Such as Thorium or Calamity)
At creation, it only has Vanilla support though, being enough for a demonstrated concept of what it should offer. I certainly have plans to keep going with support, I worked hard to make sure it could achieve such a thing. I will be up to considering support for mods people recommend, I just need to first get the mod with a bit more polish.

The mod absolutely works at this point, demonstrating what it is designed to be capable of. What it does not have out of the gate is any graphical quality, all sprites are absolutely placeholder graphics at the time the mod is created. I'm either going to need to somehow get something proper together in its place, or I'll need to find someone who can help with the required sprites.

Otherwise, for concepts not regarding either the need to extend support for mods, or the sprite issue, constructive feedback is welcomed.
No idea on if they are any good, but I've moved from placeholder sprites to ones that look a bit more definitive. Probably the best I can accomplish myself.
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