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Resolved Always night around base.


Hi, I am back to Terraria after a long break, and love all the content! I searched for an solution to this but was unable to locate one.

When I am at my base, it is always nighttime, and when I travel across the map it turns to day (if it is actually daytime of course).

I can't seem to figure out why this is happening. I created my base at the original spawn point, and it seems to be just a simple forest biome with normal wood. I am on PC/Steam.

Many thanks in advance!


Just curious, do you have a glowing mushroom biome nearby? or just a small grassfield of glowing mushrooms? Because that biome always makes it look like it's night.


I do have a glowing mushroom farm just under my base. I didn't realize that would happen! Perhaps I should move it a bit deeper...I will give that a try, thanks so much :)
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