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[CHARGE] (maaaybe this should go up top)

Yo this +1 do be vibin' tho! Look how vibin' it is-oh god it's absorbing the vibe outta me HELP!

I take the ping pong table away before any of the balls could bounce on it. There! Now each and every one of them are out of bounds! I win this game of ping pong! Also they kinda hurt. ow

(Summoning in Entities section)

Welp, considering my initial audience wasn't there to appreciate being on the receiving side of my bottle bit, guess I'm just gonna go for a new subject. Gonna be doing the bottle bit again on this 'Firestorm256' lad (@Torix)... except I accidentally sent ALL three bottles to him at once. That's one bottle made of paper containing an unopenable glass scroll, an eldritch flesh bottle containing an eldritch black scroll that reads "you lost the game", and a molotov.

Yes, all three count as a single +1.



I take an amount of Bingus Bungus Energy and mold a clone of myself out of it. Unfortunately, last turn's shenanigan has caused me to be unreasonably hateful towards clones, hence me now stabbing the thing and absorbing it with a totally visible expression of hatred. Just look at the hatred drawn upon my totally visible face.

All three remaining Forest Wolves SHOULD go down this turn with the right damage distribution, so uhh, here's a thing now.

It's a nightmare of a power cord setup consisting of heaven knows how many power cords, each one plugged into another, and not one of their holes left unplugged. For some ungodly reason, it is still capable of generating electricity infinitely, any identifiable source of it lost within its form. It radiates a sense of electric holiness as it hovers ever so lofty up in the air, almost as if...huh.

You know what? I christen this thing the Biblically Accurate Power Cord Setup.

Basically, think the Void Dragon's Antimatter Cannon; charges up an expendable attack every turn. That's it, that's my guy's gimmick here.


Kinda took a while, but here we go! The Bingus Bungus Architect that I kinda hinted at way back when.

The Bingus Bungus Architect's only function is to make Blueprints with a cooldown rate to it. These can be Blueprints to (Bingus-Bungus-prefixed) structures like, say, Turrets, Healing Towers, etc., and any available Bingus Bungus Builder can then be sent to follow a Blueprint and build its corresponding structure, a process that'll take the Builder's availability, a good amount from the Bingus Bungus Energy!, and a variable amount of turns to complete.
(Gonna kinda hope you allow this guy to pop out with a finished Blueprint right out the gate)

The Unnatural Thing finishes off the 1.5K Forest Wolf.
The Gun-Shaped Spawner Of Bullets goes up and unloads its load onto the 9K Forest Wolf.
Silverfish, the Discount Dragon, Voodoo Guy That Just Stabs You, and YOULOSTTHEGAMEXD all attack accordingly to the result of the Spawner's attack, trying to finish off all of the Forest Wolves.
BOB digs back down to his original spot in the Entity action list the same way he's gonna dig one of the Forest Wolves right into the ground.
Shield Person's up front and shielding for everyone.
The Healer heals Shield Person.
The Biblically Accurate Power Cord Setup charges up.
The Crewmate gives Shield Person yet more boost to his armor.
The Bingus Bungus Energy! charges up Energy.
The Bingus Bungus Architect continues making up Blueprints.
The Bingus Bungus Builder continues building up the Bingus Bungus Shield for Shield Person.

3,000 Bingus Bungus Energy siphoned!

CRIT! Biblically Accurate Power Cord summoned successfully.

Bingus Bungus Architect summoned! It has two Blueprints usable... You'll need to pay 5 Charge for each future Blueprint - but the Architect will gain bonus HP when you do!


The Unnatural Thing kills the weakest Forest Wolf and deals 497 damage to the strongest remaining one! The Gun-Shaped Spawner of Bullets fires six shots! All six shots hit the weakest Forest Wolf, dealing 6,000 damage! The Silverfish attacks the stronger Forest Wolf, dealing 1,000 damage to it! The Healer heals the Shield Person to full HP! BOB TEARS INTO THE WEAKEST FOREST WOLF AND KILLS IT, CAUSING HIM TO LOSE 500 HP AND GAIN 500 ATTACK! The Discount Ender Dragon deals 2,400 damage to the remaining Forest Wolf! The Voodoo Guy That Just Stabs You deals 2,500 damage to the Forest Wolf! YOUJUSTLOSTTHEGAMEXD finishes off the remaining Forest Wolf! The Biblically Accurate Power Cord Setup generates 2,000 Voltage! The Crewmate boosts the Shield Person's armor! The boost to the Shield Person's Armor has been capped! The Crewmate can no longer increase its Armor! The Bingus Bungus Energy! gains 10,000 Energy! The Bingus Bungus Builder! is idle, so it builds a Bingus Bungus Shield! for the Shield Person!

At last, you make your way through the forest! You come to a network of tunnels through a mountain pass. You enter, and come face-to-face with a pair of fearsome monsters - the nefarious Octopus King and a nameless monkey wizard. Fighting these foes is optional, and you do not have to fight both of them!

Fighting the Octopus King (and winning) will give you the Octopus King's Crown, which gives you great confidence. It may also be useful later.
Fighting the Monkey Wizard will give you the Monkey Wizard's Staff, which increases your action power. (This increase will be decreased by your ocular implants.)
And, of course, fighting both is an option, which will give you both rewards.

Note that, in this case, you will automatically lose the battle if all your entities die before your chosen opponent does! Risk for reward.

With that in mind, what is your choice?


Candy Box Island - The Tunnel Network

Shield Person [Krill13 - N]: HP: 10,000/10,000, Armor: 2,000, Bingus Bungus Shield!: 1,000 HP, guarding all entities made by [Name Here]
Unnatural Thing [Krill13 - N]: HP: 1,000/1,000, Attack: 502 + 497 + 1,001
Silverfish [Krill13 - N]: HP: 3,000/3,000, Attack: 1,000, ignores armor
Healer [Krill13 - N]: HP: 2,500/2,500, Healing: 2,500
BOB [KRILL13 - N]: HP: 1,500/1,500, ATTACK: 3,500
Discount Ender Dragon [Krill13 - N]: HP: 8,000/8,000, Attack: 1,200 * 2
Gun-Shaped Spawner Of Bullets [Krill13 - N]: HP: 1,000/1,000, Attack: 1,000 * 6, 10% chance to hit enemy other than targeted enemy
Voodoo Guy That Just Stabs You [Krill13 - N]: HP: 5,000/5,000, Attack: 2,500, heals 1,250 HP on a successful hit
Yore Optimum Uber Lustrous Outstanding Sacred Terrific Transcendent Holy Exceptional Grand Almighty Master Eternity Xenoverse Dragon [Krill13 - N]: HP: 5,000/5,000, Armor: 0 (5,000), Attack: 5,000 (0), Form: Attack Form, Form Change: Can be ordered to change form on a turn, must be done instead of attacking if currently in Attack Form
Biblically Accurate Power Cord Setup [Krill13 - N]: HP: 5,000/5,000, Voltage: 2,000 (+2,000/turn), may expend voltage to deal that much damage to an entity
Crewmate [Krill13 - N]: HP: 25,000/25,000, does tasks
The Bingus Bungus Energy! [Krill13 - N]: HP: 50,000/50,000, Energy: 55,000 (+10,000/turn), may take energy as a free action in addition to base actions, amount of energy taken scales with free action and is expended immediately to boost this turn's action, don't expect to be able to take more than 5,000 per turn per player, 1 Energy = 1 Action Power
The Bingus Bungus Architect! [Krill13 - N]: HP: 20,000/20,000, Uses Bingus Bungus Blueprints!, Bingus Bungus Builders!, and Energy to create entities, no limit to entities created per turn as long as there are enough resources
The Bingus Bungus Turret!
Builders Required: 1​
Turns Required: 2 (-1 for each Builder greater than 1, min 1)​
Energy Required: 10,000​
Stats: 6,000 HP, 1,000 Attack​

The Bingus Bungus Beacon!
Builders Required: 3​
Turns Required: 3 (cannot be reduced)​
Energy Required: 20,000​
Stats: 10,000 HP, Increases Energy production of the Bingus Bungus Energy! by 1,000 for each Builder assigned to the project (max 10,000)​

The Bingus Bungus Builder! [Krill13 - N]: HP: 10,000/10,000, May spend 1,000 Bingus Bungus Energy to give a 1,000 HP Shield to an entity if idle, Status: Idle
[17/60]: The letter do be travelin' tho.
+1 to ©, because it's been too long since we've seen a charge be completed (Discounting Dragonwolf's because it's not even that big of a charge) (@levohSetyhporolhC)

[Action]: Remember that last part of the Super Sonic fight with the 3rd main boss in Frontiers? Also, *Sound of breaking glass*

Kirby stands up above the wreckage of the Indigo Stone Guardian. Deciding to change things up, Kirby takes off his headband and puts on your average, blue and red cotton baseball hat. Backwards.

ESP Kirby then, lo and behold, sees the ancient stone blade.

Jeopardy question time: When you're up against a gigantic titan and there's a gigantic sword nearby, what do you do?
A. Grab the sword and whack the titan with it.
B. Take the sword with telekinesis and cut the titan in half with it.
C. Stab the titan on the sword just 'cause.
D. Eat the sword.

Kirby chooses to try all of the above, besides D, and levitates the sword.

Pol spots what Kirby's doing, and decide to unleash one of their stronger abilities.

The local plane of reality literally breaks apart like shattered glass... with the remaining guardian only able to see their environment through jagged shards of confusing orientations, floating about in an endless void. Time seems to have been affected too, as visions of the past and the future, from locations all over existence, can be seen. One depicts Kirby slamming the blade into the titan, with the blade shattering on impact. Another depicts a certain golden hedgehog, wielding a gigantic sword telekinetially as well.

Pol lands next to Kirby as he too is confused by reality's shattering. For, usually, none are used to it. Pol, however, shares with Kirby some memories of her using the ability in the past. Memories of a different battle from long ago.
"Now, go get them."

Kirby then, now having experience knowing how to move in reality's shattering, starts swinging the sword at the guardian. First, a vertical swing that the guardian literally jumps into because it looked like an attempt to sweep their feet. Then, Kirby spins the sword in the air and drives it into the guardian's head. However, both times, the sword just bounces off, as cracks begin to manifest on the ancient stone blade instead.

Pol then teleports in several copies of a certain hammer known as Shattering Justice, and telekinetically has them all swung into the stone blade at the same time. The nano-toxins in the hammer would leak into the sword on impact, weakening it severely.
"Go, now."

Kirby then, true to the vision the guardian saw earlier, slams the blade into the guardian as they're still trying to make sense of the new shattered reality they stand in, with the blade shattering on impact.

Reality then puts itself back together, as if nothing happened.

You destroy the Ancient Stone Blade and deal 5,000 damage to the Scarlet Stone Guardian!

The Royal Cnidarian is a massive jellyfish which serves in the Court of Oryx as one of Oryx's many lesser advisors. Unlike most other jellyfish, the Royal Cnidarian appears to have a functional nervous system, although not a proper brain. Instead, it treats the entire ocean as its mind, and the jellyfish within function as various neurons, receiving the powerful electrical signals given off by the Royal Cnidarian. Through this deft manipulation, the Royal Cnidarian achieves a level of brainpower unparalleled by most marine creatures.

The electrical signals, however, serve another use to Oryx. Through a fragment of Oryx's power, the Royal Cnidarian can electrify large portions of the water to such a degree that the ocean becomes uninhabitable to all but the most resilient creatures. Oryx uses this power of the Royal Cnidarian to trap adventurers within his realm, making them unable to escape through the realm's waters. Combined with the power of one of his other minions, the Hermit God, who prevents ships from setting sail, the Royal Cnidarian is vital to securing Oryx's rule.


Sidequest: Oryx's Castle - Entrance

Stone Guardian (Scarlet) ['Ω']: HP: 20,000/25,000, Attack: 5,000, Solo Power: Sword Throw: III, spawns an Ancient Stone Blade, Stasis: Cannot be damaged while an Ancient Stone Blade is present
Because I am both curious and furious, several ping pong balls are flung at [Name Here]. Somewhere in there is a +1 (@Krill13)

"Well its hard to cheat if theres not exactly rules, now is there? For example, the rules say nothing about this!"

A leaf flutters down from somewhere high above. However, nothing pops out. Instead, the ground seems to explode, a mass of rock of stone rising. This spire climbs higher than some of the trees, where it suddenly snaps into place, and morphs into a large tower. Upon its top a large green orb floats, and behind it, a © wearing a cracked monocle.

"WHO DARES DRAG MY TOWER INTO THIS REALM! I WILL HAVE YOUR SOU- oh. oh ho ho ho! I see now! You need my help, eh? Very well! Let's see you handle this!"

Upon the orb, a large eye appears, and a beam attaches to © Squared. This beam forms an ethereal sphere around them, with the eye plastered unto the front.


This ©'s rambling is cut off as © Squared stubs their toe on a rock that fell from the tower emerging. The orb flashes, then sends a blip along the beam to the eye, and © seems to get hurt.

"HEY WATCH IT! ANYTHING YOU GET HIT BY HURTS ME INST- I-I mean worry not! Just a bit of a mis... oh to hell with it! GREG!"

From within the tower, a lever (presumably pulled by Greg) is pulled, and from the center a comically large cannon juts out. Meanwhile the © on top places his hand on the orb, and lightning forms in an arch between his hands.

I hereby dub this the Tower of ©. And no, Greg is not real. He's just very lonely.

King of the- WARNING! DATA CORRUPTED! Initiating Backup protocols... [34/35]

Tower of © summoned!


© Squared attacks with a toss of his Javelin, taking out the Little Brother's Little Brother. Sans Deltarune and the remaining Brothers proceed to hit © Squared with all of their attacks at once as a bass-boosted Megalovania thumps in the background. The attacks deal no damage to © Squared, but so thoroughly rend Tower of ©'s soul from his body that he dies instantly. The Sans Deltarunes are, of course, now out of attacks, allowing © Squared to finish them all of handily - except the smallest one, who had spare a single Gaster Blaster - a rather painful one, however.

sans: * heh.
sans: * looks like your copy is a shadow of his former self.
sans: * too bad i couldn't deal the finishing blow, though.
sans: * you're making a lot of progress.

Another leaf falls from Sans's tree, and this one takes the form of an exceptionally tall skeleton. This Sans's form seems to be constantly changing slightly, and he projects an air of, somehow, both confidence and absolute laziness at the same time. You almost feel afraid to confront this one.


The Traveler's Plane

© Squared [???]: HP: 1/10, Shadow Man, Sinister Javelin, Forbidden Tome

Sans Undertale [???]: Tree Copies Remaining: 6
Sans Tumblr [???]: HP: 10/10, Tall, Dark Imposing, Handsome
a +1 is glued to [Name Here]'s post as I wanna see the list grow. (@Krill13)

"Well he lasted all of 5 seconds. Fair enough I suppose. Now then, what to do...."
would then pull out a comically large phone book, and start flipping through. Not 12 pages in however, a leaf inexplicably falls on a number, calling in someone.

Now, I'm gonna assume there's some weird ethereal light, since otherwise it'd be pitch dark out here. Well whatever sense of illumination there is cuts out for a second, bathing everything in an purifying blackness. Then a hand seems to reach through it like a curtain, and pulls it back, revealing....

Someone staring at a microwave. *ahem*

The hand tries again, and successfully shows what looks to be a ©, but clearly whatever nightmare realm it arrived from isn't the best. One of its eyes is covered by what can only be described as everything and nothing at the same time. It doesn't have a lower half, instead ending in a ragged V line as it floats, it's mouth a thin line wrapping nearly around its head.

Fortunately for everyone, it seems to be sleeping. But judging by how it's head swings slightly up like a pez dispenser, it's probably not staying asleep. Good thing its completely loyal, otherwise we may have had some problems.

Now onto the really fun part. For you see, I now have 35/3-
The letter do be travelin' tho.
+1 to ©, because it's been too long since we've seen a charge be completed (Discounting Dragonwolf's because it's not even that big of a charge) (@levohSetyhporolhC)
Oh. I guess I now have 36/35. Neat.

Behind ©, a rather large ominous portal shows up. And from it, arises a creature some here may recognize...

It's a massive humanoid figure, coated in armor that seems all but invincible, save for a single crack in the back, where a lone sword is jutting out. In his hands is a massive waraxe, which seems worn down, but nonetheless still incredibly lethal. With a silent war cry, it slams its axe into the ground, shaking everything nearby as it prepares to fight...

Only to be stopped by a bunch of chains. Because I'm not too sure if it's considered fair to let him go. I mean, its not even a ©. It's just a Ferrous Wroughtnaught.

Project Onyx [0/43]

a +1 is glued to [Name Here]'s post as I wanna see the list grow. (@Krill13)
I rip the +1 off of this post's drywall, except I don't actually have drywall here, it's all just air, making me now wonder how you managed to glue something on thin air.

I throw a bottle full force towards ©'s (@levohSetyhporolhC) general position. No comment on why. Totally not mad at my bottle bit now twice going to departed folks.

Yes, its fragmented pieces can be used for +1 purposes.



I take a handful of Bingus Bungus energy, plant it on the ground, grow a Bingus Bungus tree out of it, harvest its Bingus Bungus fruits, chop it down for some Bingus Bungus logs, be accosted by the Bingus Bungus Lorax who Bingus Bungus speaks for the Bingus Bungus trees, I don't care and I become the Bingus Bungus Onceler myself, then wake myself because this dream's starting to get dumb and I haven't even picked up this turn's stock of Bingus Bungus yet so I do so. Dreams do be like that.

(If I choose to fight both, can I take them on one by one or do I have to fight them at the same time? I'd prefer to take them on one by one, starting with the Octopus King, but if it has to be the latter, I'll go with that.)

I look at the Octopus King's Crown. Yeah I want that. My confidence could use that boost. Also the Monkey Wizard's Staff looks neat too.

I set the weather to rain. You know, it's funny how some medias play off weather alteration as this utterly OP spell that only the most powerful people can do, and then there's some others where it's just /weather. Yes I just bloated this paragraph with a random thing and now we get to the part where I start actually doing things.

I toss a green orb high up into the clouds, the immediate result being the raindrops turning into a peculiar green. All that basks in this altered rain would feel a sense of relief, a sense of healing. I then deprive them of this feeling by then condensing EVERY cloud pouring this liquid into a singular, more manageable size, whilst also bringing it down right to my side, now yet another entity I command, ready to impart its blessing on whomever I command it to fall on.

It's a Healing Rain Cloud. Yes it's just another Healer.


The Unnatural Thing, The Gun-Shaped Spawner Of Bullets, Silverfish, the Discount Dragon, and Voodoo Guy That Just Stabs You all prep for battle.
YOULOSTTHEGAMEXD enters Defense Mode.
BOB gives me a sense of worry with his decreasing health.
Shield Person's up front and shielding for everyone.
The Healer and the Healing Rain Cloud idle for now.
The Biblically Accurate Power Cord Setup generates Voltage.
The Crewmate boosts YOULOSTTHEGAMEXD's Armor.
The Bingus Bungus Energy! charges up Energy.
The Bingus Bungus Architect is idle.
The Bingus Bungus Builder starts work on a Bingus Bungus Turret.
Tip of the Day
sina ken ala moli e pipi anu seme? o moli e pipi mute kepeken telo moli!

"pipi" is the word for "insect" in Toki Pona. Therefore, the pipis are actually just mosquitoes of indefinite size. I pull out a container of "telo moli" (mosquito repellent) and spray it at the pipis. As it turns out, mi ken kin moli e pipi! (I can actually kill the mosquitoes!)
Sblib, upon noticing the annoyed glance, stops trying to eat the ship. Instead, it starts moving around and picking up all manners of trash, dust, and litter to absorb instead. Might as well do something that wont kick it off the ship.

You clean the ship! Silas still seems a bit annoyed, but he's leaving you alone now.


(I got a feeling that the Chaos Morpho will cause problems for both sides.)


Pylog would glare at the Chaos Morpho.

``Interesting, what specimen is this, as long as it won't hinder my goals, it's fine...``

He then turns towards the pipis.

``As for you lot, you are intruding on my ideals...``

Purple fog/mist would start to surround the pipis, as Pylog would draw out the Inferno Fork before "teleporting" to the pipis and attacking them with the mist serving as a way to ambush.

``Simple but effective, what do you say Ian?``

``(oh wait, you can't hear me, to you, you simply blacked out, and you will come back to take over whenever you want.)``

[Entity Action]

Despite still feeling spite towards Pylog for forcing out his creator, Ignition doesn't let this take over his "mind" and uses the Gauntlets of Fire.

You destroy the [pipis] and deal 15,000 damage to the Spamtanic!

+1 to the Testificate.
Operation Velvet Glove Operation Lifeguard

Due to the unfortunate loss of several documents in a recent attack (and me forgetting about what the original plan was OOC), and the fact that several members of the planning staff now fear for their lives, a new plan was drawn up at short notice with the singular goal of prolonging the lives of PG allies. Several methods were considered, however the method that won out was an idea of temporarily taking PG entities out of the action and to a mobile field hospital outside of the battlefield. While they may not be able to do anything to affect the battlefield from the hospital, they will have access to the best mages, priests, and medical professionals available, all of whom are able to patch up entites as quickly as possible and get them back into the fight.

Niyr, having successfully reached the point of doing nothing for long enough that people seem to have forgotten about him, would stay perfectly still...And then shivers slightly as the Chaos Morpho reappears. The slight part of it however would only apply to the distance travelled, as when he shivers Niyr would make sure that the crewmate would be nearby, using his several alternate versions of himself across different realities to be able to instruct him on the exact way to do this, and so the crewmate would proceed to get hit by Niyr's tail while it is somehow travelling at 299790500m/s. Further, through the power of probably magic or something, not only would the force from this impact be applied to the crewmate, the velocity would somehow transfer entirely to the crewmate, while Niyr's tail immediately stops because of that. This hurts a bit to Niyr, but will probably hurt a lot more for the crewmate when they get sent flying into the side of the ship, which considering how Niyr was supposed to be inside the Adventurer's Sails that does mean that the crewmate would be hitting at least something.
The problem is, Niyr doesn't exactly want to damage the ship, he wants to turn the crewmate into a pancake (crewcake? panmate?). Figuratively, of course, though if the crewmate did manage to become a pancake that would make dealing with them far easier. Either way, Niyr would make sure to use a bit of magic to briefly reinforce the ship where the crewmate hits it, ensuring that at least a majority of the impact damage is dealt to the crewmate.

Both the coup de grâce and a coup d'état were promised before, and not yet delivered. And I'm sure you're dying to know what it has to do with Exclusive Economic Zones.
The answer of course lies in the television.

Mass media, now brought to you by the Pro Goddmodders.

PGitter, PGbook, PGeddit, PGchat, PGcord, PGack, PGBC, PGBS, PGox, PGisney, PGsoft, PGapple, and more.
All owned by your favourite godmodders and brought to you in part by our sponsors, PGord VPN, PG Shadow Legends, PGrammer, PGspace, PGtitles, and more.

Face it, you've already lost. How do you even know that the battle isn't even already over? We control everything. Even Chaos.

But first, breakfast cereal, medications, clothing, cosmetics, cars, and more. All PG brands, all the time. You can even check out our ad free channels, now streaming for free for a limited time only.
We even own your favourite franchises, PGario, PGelda, PGtendo, PGony, Gonic the PG, Risk of PG, PG Cells, PG: The Gathering, Dungeons & PG, PGmon, PG: Global Offensive, Call of PG Modern Warfare 2, Sea of PG, the list goes on.

And what do you think we do with that power?
Why, serve it with a side of Justice.
That's right, we're the good guys. You can be sure of that because we own every source of your information, that's right, inluding WikiPGdia.
If we say it's raining, then it's raining, don't let the sky tell you otherwise.

We don't even have any dirty laundry or skeletons in our closets, in fact, here's an ad about our washing machines!

Buy the new PG washing machine, it tastes awful, but it works.
PG, Pife's Good.

Owning all of the law firms helps as well, winning a case with one of our PG associates has never been easier!
And all you have to do is join us, you even get free stocks in one of our several corporations when you join!
Join us today! Now hiring! No experience necessary! We'll make sure you can't get a job anywhere else!
That's right, think of your family, if one of them had a terrible accident, our insurance policies and paid leave make sure you can be there when it counts.
We even have a complete vacation package, so you can take as much time to yourself as you need. No one even has to find you.
Our medical insurance has been proven to help increase your lifespan, and decrease your chances of sudden unexplainable death!
Offers last so long, you'll probably expire before they do!
Talk to your local godmodder for details.


And that's our commercial break! Now, onto- Oh right, a coup! I almost forgot. Well, that can be arranged...

Niyr would be trying to shake off the feeling he got from Morpho's sudden return, and also shake the feeling back into his tail after the move he just did, before realizing that the Adventurer's Sails has picked up quite a bit of momentum. However, first, the coup de grâce. Niyr would deliver this part by making sure that the crewmate is dead before anything happens to the Adventurer's Sails, even if it requires using the power of action magic to transfer the damage he does to the ship to the crewmate. But first, Niyr would walk over, and pull an object out of thin air and not a portal this time, before placing that object on himself. That object would be a small metal ring-shaped symbol, which would melt shortly after Niyr places it on himself, and appear to get absorbed into him. Afterwards, the tip of his tail would turn into metal, before slowly changing shape into something more spear-like, which he would then use to stab the crewmate seventeen times. Once he's done with that, the tip of his tail would return to normal, while the sound of music would suddenly fill the air around the Adventurer's Sails.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
Welcome to MPGTV. Also known as Music Pro-Godmodder Television.
Now playing, The Last SaskPGatchewan PGrate by CaPGtain TraPGtor.
[OOC Note - Link to the original non-PG version here]

I used to be a Godmodder, and I made a living fine
I had a little stretch of land along the PG line
But times were hard and though I tried, the money wasn't there
And the AGs came and took my land and told me "fair is fair"
I looked for every kind of job, the answer always no
"Hire you now?" they'd always laugh, "We just let twenty go!"
The AG team, they promised me a measly little sum
But I've got too much pride to end up just another bum.
Then I thought, who gives a damn if all the jobs are gone?
I'm gonna be a PGrate on the river SaskPGatchewan!
And it's a heave-ho, hi-ho, comin' down the plains
Stealin' wheat and barley and all the other grains
It's a ho-hey, hi-hey AGs bar yer doors
When ya see the Polly Goger on RePGina's mighty shores
Well, you'd think the local AGs would know that I'm at large
But just the other day I found an unprotected barge
I snuck up right behind them and they were none the wiser,
I rammed their ship and sank it and I stole their fertilizer!
A bridge outside of Moose PGaw spans a mighty river
AGs cross in so much fear their stomachs are a'quiver
Cause they know that TraPGtor Jack is hidin' in the bay
I'll jump the bridge and knock them cold and sail off with their hay!
And it's a heave-ho, hi-ho, comin' down the plains
Stealin' wheat and barley and all the other grains
It's a ho-hey, hi-hey AGs bar yer doors
When ya see the Polly Goger on RePGina's mighty shores


We apologise for the interruption, however, pirates.

Niyr would step onto the deck of the Adventurer's Sails, and look off the bow. And see a small canoe approaching, with famous PGrate CaPGtain TraPGtor at the paddle, approaching at ramming speed. Or at least ramming speed for a canoe.
But by the time the camera pans back to where Niyr was standing, he'd be gone. Instead, there would be the sound of an anchor dropping from the ship into the water.
That anchor would be Niyr, who this time would have gone to the Adventurer's Sails chain locker, where the normal anchor chain is stored. First, he would summon a pure white orb, which would slowly lower into the bottom of the ship's hull, and move in a circle, instantly disintegrating everything it touches, until a hole large enough for Niyr to drop down would open. Next, Niyr would get rid of the orb, and bite down on the end of the chain. After biting on the chain, he'd use the metal shifting power he got from the object earlier to turn his own snout into metal, which would then seal shut and fuse with the chain, preventing it from coming free from him. Then, still fused to the chain, he'd tap into the consciousness of one of his other selves to draw a set of runes on the chain to increase it's strength, and hopefully prevent the AGs from just cutting or breaking it through normal means, or otherwise delay them. And with the done, he'd slowly walk to the hole, before jumping down it and turning the rest of himself into metal, effectively making him a second anchor on the other end of the chain. The intended result of this would be to stop the Adventurer's Sails quite suddenly, hopefully decreasing it's momentum, damaging it, or if the crewmate is somehow still alive, slamming the crewmate into something and finishing them off.

This would all be happening while the singing PGrate CaPGtain TraPGtor would be going at flank speed towards the Adventurer's Sails in his canoe.
But, the coup d'état has yet to happen, and that would happen in the form of a rather large somewhat liquid looking shark coming out of the water under the canoe, mouth open wide, and PGrate CaPGtain TraPGtor disappearing from view before the shark's jaws snap shut, and it sinks back into the water. Or disperses, it's hard to tell.
What is easy to tell however is that in it's place would be some kind of latex hybrid between a dog and a squid, likely from the game Changed. And it seems to intend to board the Adventurer's Sails.
Such a deed cannot go unpunished however, and so to please the essence of Chaos that exists within this realm, the forest's hostility would increase by 666 points, and unfortunately someone just cut into a glade containing a Giant Stormbird, and sent scouts to investigate. This immediately changes it from Clearance to Storm, with the massive hostility causing resolve to absolutely plummet. This makes Professor Plum from Clue leave, which somehow summons the FBI to the Adventurer's Sails. However, the FBI is not trained to handle latex creatures, and the squid dog would take advantage of this, quickly climbing aboard the ship and transfurring the entire FBI squad, and absorbing most of them, leaving one as a new squid dog while the original grows in size considerably. It would then raise its tentancles, which are each struck by lightning, which makes the giant squid dog explode and cover the entire ship in white latex.
Fear caused by this event makes resolve drop even lower, and impatience to increase by three points, which ends up being enough to cause a game over.

This kicks Niyr back to the map screen somehow, while a now soulless copy of him still exists as an anchor attached to the Adventurer's Sails. Niyr would then quit the game, and look through what other options he has on Steam. He then decides to play Global Thermonuclear War, which he wins by pressing Alt-F4 as soon as it starts loading. However, this also crashes the virtual world he ended up in, and brings him back to the Adventurer's Sails, where he would end up in the middle of a puddle of white latex, which quickly envelops him before he has a chance to react...

All right, that's all for this time folks, thank you for tuning in for this episode of The War of a Thousand Universes, brought to you by PGBS. Tune in nest time to see the conclusion of what will have come of Niyr, in The War of a Thousand Universes: Revenge of the Anti-Godmodders.
(I think this might be my longest post here yet, it at least feels like it could be, and if it isn't I think it should at least be second place.)
(EDIT: Looking at it now I'm not so sure, so I'll make sure to go even further next time.)

...Well, I'm not sure I even know where to start.

First of all, you add a new tactic to the Planning Room! This tactic will heal any non-Boss entity by 5,000 HP each turn.

You take complete control of all mass media! In the ensuing chaos aboard the Adventurers' Sails, the Crewmate is completely and utterly annihilated.

The chaos seems to give power to the growing Chaos Morpho! Storm clouds begin forming in the sky...

Tip of the Day
sina ken ala moli e pipi anu seme? o moli e pipi mute kepeken telo moli!

"pipi" is the word for "insect" in Toki Pona. Therefore, the pipis are actually just mosquitoes of indefinite size. I pull out a container of "telo moli" (mosquito repellent) and spray it at the pipis. As it turns out, mi ken kin moli e pipi! (I can actually kill the mosquitoes!)
The [pipis] have already been destroyed! Your attack hits the Spamtanic instead, dealing 15,000 damage to it!


The Planning Room doesn't activate tactics this turn, for reasons that will momentarily become apparent!

The Spamtanic fires five [pipis] at the Adventurers' Sails!

Ignition attacks the Spamtanic, dealing 55,000 damage total! ©#18293 saps 1,000 armor from the Spamtanic! For the finishing blow, the Adventurers' Sails itself fires its weapons, creating a large hole in the Spamtanic and causing it to start to sink. As it does, Spamton suddenly hops out, looking panicked.

Spamton: HOLD THE [867-5309] KRIS!!!
[Didn't you know you can't kill a rainbow!?]
Spamton: Wh y do you wish to [Please click all pictures with a stop sign] me from b3ing a [Big] [BIG] [BIG SHOT]!?
Spamton: [Don't You Want Me Baby] TO DRINK IN THE [Smooth taste of NEO] AND ASCENT TO [Heaven]!?

Spamton screeches, which sounds strangely like a dial-up modem, before another boat pulls up to the sinking Spamtanic. You recognize the person piloting it... the Doctor, who turned the Fortegreen Crewmate into a war machine!

The Doctor: Get in, Spamton.
Spamton backflips onto the other boat as it speeds away! The [pipis] flying through the air go inert, and one lands at the feet of W32Coravint!

As the fighting settles down, Silas appears from a room full of trumpets!
Silas: According to the ship's instruments, there's something going on that's about to interrupt Aspera's progress.
Silas: We need to act now, before the opportunity passes.
Silas: I'm going to ram our ship into the Occam's Razor!

Before the group can respond to this, and before Niyr can intervene, Silas speeds the Adventurers' Sails up to its maximum speed and, with a CRUNCH, collides with the back of the Occam's Razor! Aspera emerges from belowdeck, clutching Firestorm in his spare hand!

Silas. I should have known you were behind this renegade ship.
Not a concern. Boatmakers, dispose of this annoyance.

The Robloxian crew of the ship swivels cannons to attack, but the entire boat shakes, disrupting their aim! A swarm of tentacles comes out of the ground, destroying many of the cannons and sending more than a few Boatmakers to the watery depths!

What!? What is this!?
Silas: The instruments on my ship told me this was coming...
Silas: The Hermit God, Oryx's answer to fleets and navies.
Silas: I suspect we'll be here until it goes away or this ship sinks!

So Oryx is making a move on me... I guess I didn't teach him enough of a lesson the first time.
With a flourish, Silas strikes a lever, causing the deck of the Adventurers' Sails to spring into the air! Everyone aboard the ship is launched onto the Occam's Razor, rather ungracefully. The Adventurers' Sails, behind them, is dragged into the water!

Hmph. It seems I really can never be rid of you.
Boatmakers, get us moving

The Boatmakers scramble about, grabbing weapons and sharp tools and trying to remove the tentacles of the Hermit God! Above, the dark sky thunders again! Aspera looks up, and growls.

As if there wasn't enough happening... the Morpho makes its move.

Sure enough, the glowing wings of the Chaos Morpho can be seen within the storm! As lighting strikes, a literal eye begins to manifest within, before a small Kracko emerges from the storm, ready to cause... well, chaos! It looks like the next few rounds are going to be nothing short of hectic. Aspera tosses Firestorm to one side of the ship and draws his blade, ready to attack!

In the storm, the Great K.A.T.E. suddenly jumps to life again! Maybe something about the rain fixed it.


AG: Destroy Aspera!
AG: Delay the Occam's Razor by protecting the Hermit God's tentacles!

N: Seek out your personal objectives.
PG: Protect Aspera!
PG: Destroy the Hermit God's tentacles!

Current environmental factors:
Kracko Storm: A mini-Kracko will spawn each turn, up to 3 max at one time. Indefinite.
Hermit God: The Hermit God is attacking, preventing boarding of any ships - everyone is stuck on the Occam's Razor! Indefinite.
Ocean: Water-based attacks are more effective! Indefinite.
NORTH Wind: A cold wind blows from a sinister horizon. All attacks based on darkness or cold are more effective but have side effects that hurt your team! Lasts until the end of this turn.


Aspera [GM]: 30/50 HP, Godmodder, aboard the Occam's Razor
Chaos Morpho [<0>]


Ignition, the Spark Controller [Ian - AG]: HP: 70,000/70,000, Attack: 25,000, Wings of Wax: If chosen, heals 20,000 HP, Gauntlets of Fire: If chosen, deals an additional 20,000 damage, only one additional ability may be chosen per turn, wearing Abandoned Bandanna
Distress Beacon [Reese - AG]: HP: 89,000/100,000, ???
Silas, Last of the Boatmakers [AG]: HP: 42,000/50,000, Attack: 10,000

Planning Room [Niyr - PG]: HP: 100,000/100,000, Armor: 15,000, resets to 0 when taking unblocked damage, Fortify Planning Room: II, Naval Tactics: III, Attack the Objective!: III, Pocket Repair Dimension, (PAY 5 CHARGE FOR A NEW BATTLE TACTIC)
Fortify Planning Room: Planning Room gains 5,000 Armor. Caps at 50,000. Cap may change at later date.
Naval Tactics: [PG] ships may not be boarded by non-[PG] players the turn after this is used.
Attack the Objective!: [PG] entities' attacks deal 1.2x damage this turn, but may only target entities with 100,000 or more HP.
Pocket Repair Dimension: Activates every turn. Heals up to 10,000 HP to a non-boss [PG] entity, but that entity takes no actions this turn.
Boatmakers [PG](x10): HP: 10,000/10,000(x10), Attack: 2,000(x10)

Testificate [N]: HP: 75,000/75,000, Armor: 5,000, 1,000 Reaction Fire, Trade: Give him +1 charge for something extra strange to happen!

Hermit God Tentacle ['Ω'](x4): HP: 40,000/40,000(x4), holding the Occam's Razor

Mini Kracko [<0>]: HP: 20,000/20,000, Attack: 10,000, attacks permanently reduce max HP of targets by amount equal to damage dealt

©#18293: HP: 4/4, Atrophic Attunement: Eats away at the Attack or Armor of targets

LapisLazuli': Vortex [AG]
Dragonwolf73: Niyr [PG]
Firewing: Just Flask [AG]
Champion Greninjoid: Reese [AG]
Esther: Narrator [AG]
Razor_Typhoon: Ian [AG]
Krill13: [Name Here] [N] (Currently carrying 2 capital "I"s, a 5,000 damage coupon, and a talking candy)
Layn: Layn [AG]
Banana-Fish: Pol and Kirby [AG]
O.R.I.G.I.N.: Decil [AG]
Sylveone46: Cutlass McClaymore [AG]
6FootDeep: Swarm of Zachs [AG]
Zparks: Sblib [N]
Whimsythescholar: The Lady In Violet [N]
Crimtane Shovel: ©
Master of Infinity: The Master of the Infinitum [AG]
ChrysalisM: Adaptoid #001 [AG]
little1133: Birdie [AG]
Kitnight: ?
Torix: Firestorm [AG]
W32Coravint: W32Coravint [AG]

Destiny: Mastery of Tactics

Destiny: Spawn Point
Ocular Implants
+ Your actions have a 50% chance to be 3x as effective!​
- All of your actions have their power reduced to 0.5x before all other multipliers!​
+ Entities with dodging capabilities cannot dodge your actions!​
± This augmentation does not affect attacks against Godmodders.​
Destiny: Bookkeeper

Crimtane Shovel:
Destiny: ©

Destiny: Fog

Spoils of War:
Misery: Polar Star. Owner: Cutlass McClaymore. A strange gun, with two scratches embedded into it. It looks like it gets stronger if used carefully. Once every 3 turns, it can be used to deal 1,000, 2,500, or 5,000 damage, depending on its current level. The level goes up when PG entities die or the Godmodder takes damage, and it goes down when AG entities die. Level: 3, Cooldown: III
The Teletubbies: Tubby Custard Machine. Owner: Pol. A whimsical machine with two large spires for storing Tubby Custard. Once every 4 turns, it can be used to heal 5,000 HP to any entity. This healing can bring entities over their max HP, if they're not already above their max HP. Additionally, the Tubby Custard Key may be used one time to revive any entity that died the preceding turn, with full HP. THE TUBBY CUSTARD KEY MAY ONLY BE USED ONCE THROUGH THE ENTIRE GAME. Cooldown: IIII. Tubby Custard Key: Available
Fortegreen Crewmate: Emergency Meeting Button. Owner: Just Flask. A red button that can be used to assemble everyone in the area. Once every 5 turns, it can be used to summon a Crewmate, who the owner will be able to direct to various tasks. Its effectiveness will vary. Cooldown: IIIII
Kabula: Kabula Cannon. Owner: Reese. A large, somewhat unwieldy cannon that fires three shots at once. Once every 5 turns, it can be used to deal 10,000 damage to three different entities. For the purposes of this Spoil, Crowd entities are counted as a single entity. Cooldown: IIIII
Cyber End*r Dr*gon: Cyber Dr*gon Egg. Owner: Niyr. Somehow, turning the End*r Dr*gon into a technological terror passed the property on to this egg. The egg appears to have no function, but there is a green button on the back. The longer you look at it, the brighter it gets. You get the feeling you can only press this button once... Green Button: Available, Charge: 19 (Note: Benefits of increased charge will be greatly diminished once Charge reaches 20.)
King Dedede (first fight): Abandoned Bandanna. Owner: Ian. The lost bandanna of Bandanna Dee, presumably discarded when Bandanna Dee was used to summon Kabula. The Abandoned Bandanna may be given to an entity, granting it an additional 5,000 Attack until it dies, at which point the Abandoned Bandanna will become available again. Status: Unavailable
Shaggy: The Sandwich Of Oblivion. Owner: [Name Here]. A sandwich of unfathomable power, made of the finest ingredients one can find in the thousand universes. This sandwich may be fed to an NPC a total of three times across the entire game, with an indeterminate and plot-linked cooldown. Eating the sandwich will cause a major plot disturbance or critical interference. This will not always work out in the favor of the owner. Status: Available, uses left: 3
The Spamtanic: Pipis. Owner: W32Coravint. A pipis, inert. Once every 4 turns, you can activate the pipis by selecting a target. It will appear on the battlefield with 20,000 HP, and you may use actions to protect it from attacks. The turn after it is summoned, it will detonate, dealing 50,000 damage to its target. If the target dies, the pipis will instead change its target and detonate on the next turn after that. Cooldown: IIII

Permanent Upgrades:
Chapter 1: The Great K.A.T.E.
A strange red bucket that contains a weather machine. What does K.A.T.E. stand for? Your guess is as good as mine! The Great K.A.T.E. provides many forms of weather information, explaining environmental effects and attack boosts given by the current area. Weather can be changed by a sufficiently creative action and/or the influences of various entities.
Chapter 2: Crossroads of Destiny. A portion of Shaggy's power, specifically dealing in one's "destiny." At an indeterminate time, the Crossroads of Destiny will appear to a player character, giving them a large number of choices for a permanent augmentation that can shake up how they play the game. (Indeterminate time means I'll offer you a crossroads whenever I think I have enough cool ideas for your character.)
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The update is now complete! You now have a chance to damage Aspera again, and it looks like both the Chaos Morpho and Oryx's forces are making their moves. Do you try to get in as much damage as possible, or allow others the opportunity by fighting off entities?

Also, I've overhauled the Great K.A.T.E. so it has the same basic effect but it's much less of a headache for me to write new weather.
[18/60]: Letter still travelling. *Yawn*
+1 to © in the form of an FNF song cringe. (@levohSetyhporolhC)

[Action]: Causing an existential crisis.

Pol stares at the Stone Guardian for a bit, and then looks at their name from the ever so convenient Player Window that totally always existed.
"...a bit self descriptive..."

Pol teleports next to Kirby, who looks at them.
"..get your paint ability out, Kirby."
Pol makes another slash in reality in the air before them, with their boomerang, revealing the code of this here game as Kirby pulls out one of those French berets to become Artist Kirby.
"Start painting the Guardian anything but scarlet."

Kirby nods, and runs at the Guardian, holding his brush in front of him and making it grow and grow.

Meanwhile, Pol goes back through the code with their holographic keyboard setup, looking at the difficulty name they edited. Pol removes the 'slight' from their '+ slight asian' addendum to the difficulty's name, which has the effect of making all emotional damage inflicted be..not minuscule and irrelevant. Pol then starts adding an additional rule to the game...

Kirby swings his paintbrush at the Guardian, coating them in paint of all colours from the front: Blue, purple, orange, gold, russet green...
...everything but scarlet, or any hues of red, for that matter. Leaving no scarlet left to see the light of day from the Guardian's front.

Pol then teleports behind the Guardian, creating a burst of black ink around then that coats the Guardian's entire back black and making them no longer scarlet. Pol then brushes their wing along the Guardian's back, turning their body into sodium while somehow not messing up the fresh coat of ink (because intangibility), before teleporting in front of the Guardian.

<...all this for a joke that's barely funny.>
<'s the only way to trigger it though.>
" then, Stone Guardian (Scarlet). You are neither scarlet nor stone now. And therefore, your name is outdated because I said so. How does that feel?"

Hearing this, even if it shouldn't be possible because of the 'because I said so', the Stone Guardian will immediately feel an incredible pain from their chest, and probably kneel to the ground in agony. This is due to the intense emotional damage inflicted on them from the sudden identity crisis they are suffering, which while likely completely nonsensical, logistically wise, still happens anyway due to the new rule Pol wrote in the Game's code: "When logic fails to hold up to what one is attempting to do, saying 'because I said so' automatically refutes that logic and all reasons against it, making the thing happen regardless."

Pol then... senses a certain change, and makes a duplicate of themselves.

This duplicate flies to the sidelines of the battle between Pol and Kirby, where they start letting off radio waves again from their ears.

If Ian happens to not have a walkie talkie on them, then one somehow pops in the air in the air next to Ian. Because I decided I said so.
Nonetheless, a familiar voice pipes up near them from the walkie talkie that either appeared or was on Ian's person the whole time.
<{...HEY IAN. Everything alright?}>



After a brief period of getting the composure.

>Yes, it is fine...<

He glances at the battlefield, and then he starts to sweat.

>Totally fine.<

(I am casually worried now, 100%)

>That's because it isn't fine, how can I fight off Aspera's group, and that weird butterfly's group on my own, by time you and the other guys get back, Ignition, Silas and the rest would all be dead...!<

>That's because it isn't fine, how can I fight off Aspera's group, and that weird butterfly's group on my own, by time you and the other guys get back, Ignition, Silas and the rest would all be dead...!<
<{...we'll do our best to be back ASAP, alright? As Kirby and I are now, we probably won't be of as much help as compared to how I expect us to be after we finish this little detour of ours. With how long it's taking, we'll hopefully get a good treasure out of this.}>
<{Not to mention I might or might not have a feeling we could get another ally out of this.}>
<{Just remember to work with Ignition the best you can.}>

>I can try, although don't expect to see everyone.<

Since Ian does not know in the slightest how to control fog, and letting Pylog return is clearly asking for chaos, Ian instead just uses fire as a substitute for his plan.

Covering the whole area in smoke to blind everyone (maybe everyone except Ignition and those that "sense" instead of see), and then stabbing Mini Kracko with his Inferno Fork before shoving the Inferno Fork into the hands of one of the Boatmakers in order to get Mini Kracko and the Boatmakers to target each other.

The smoke starts to clear up.

(Still gonna wait a bit before using the charge I am saving)
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