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Ammo Indicators


Skeletron Prime
:rolleyes:I'm a little unsure about this one so... I guess ill just shoot.

For Centuries, (or until 1.2.3) rangers wept at the fact that they had to switch ammo for different weapons of the same style, oh how nice it would be to have a certain weapon use a certain ammo...but woe is us...
My idea is : Bullet/Arrow/Rocket slots

These slots would go on ammo consuming ranged weapons. They would look something like this:

(so photo editing isn't my best strength. *oops*)
The point of these little slots would be so a certain weapon could use certain ammo so instead of switching weapons and ammo plus, the normal switch isn't even a simple right click.

How would this work??? : If you put your bullets in that tiny section in the picture (section w/ chloro bullets) the weapon the bullets were put in would be the bullets the weapon would use, so i would have my shotgun with explosive bullets, and megashark with chloro bullets and a click away.

These would rather be indicators of which gun fires which ammo, rather than actually holding the ammo.

Why I feel this would be useful : I feel this would be useful because as a ranger, i find it kinda annoying having to switch ammo AND weapons just so i can match up the preferred.

Ex: I'm firing down at plantera, and she/he pops into her second stage. :red:, i don't have the time to switch from my megashark and chloro bullets to my exploding bullets and shotgun, she'll kill me by then! that is where this would come useful.
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i do like this. what happens when the ammo runs out? or what if i do not place a specific kind of bullet? does it act as it does now or does it not fire? i hope it just reverts to normal use.


I feel it could look nicer with a drop down slot that shows the ammo underneath the weapon you are currently using. The new slot would obviously not be drawn when you are in your inventory though


It'd be nice to have an ammo queue for each weapon, letting you arrange the ammo in priority order. Then you know what type you switch to after the current type runs out in addition to being able to set the preferred type per weapon.


Agreed on the changes. I'd just like to be able to switch ammo on the fly instead of having to stop and go into inventory to do so. Hard to do when I'm flying around in combat with a boss.


Grandson of The Wizard
I don't think ammo should have any effects on the weapon, other than the damage and maybe velocity. If anything, it should be the type of weapon used, or a weapon modifier, really.
But I guess that's a little off-topic.


Skeletron Prime
i do like this. what happens when the ammo runs out? or what if i do not place a specific kind of bullet? does it act as it does now or does it not fire? i hope it just reverts to normal use.
it returns to the ammo in your normal ammo slots, have them not fire would be the same amount of a pain in the :red:.


I think a better way to do this would be if you could click the weapon with your desired type of ammo and then it shows which ammo it uses (the ammo is not consumed by clicking the weapon), but it still takes it from your inventory as long as there are bullets of that type. That way you can simply refill them in your inventory without having to do it on all your weapons and multiple weapons would draw their ammo from the same stacks.


This would be a godsend for the post-plantera invasions, like Frost and Pumpkin moons. Use something like Crystal Bullet Venus Magnum on the basic enemies, then seamlessly swap to your Megashark/Chain Gun with Chlorophyte Bullets and wreck bosses.

100% support.
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