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PC An 1-Byte Inferred Data Transmitter & Receiver

This project is mostly pointless as wires are much faster at sending information across a far distances, but I wanted to experiment with how IR technology transmits binary wirelessly over far distances. This simple build will send up to 120 Bytes of information across 673 a minute. This is the first alpha version and only does one bit. You can stack modules on top of each other for multiple bits. I have plans to make a horizontal 1-bit module with actuators for a consistent beam. This will increase speed and reduce space. But for the basics sake, I will post this. Have any ideas? Let me know what you think :dryadgrin:

(Wire View)
IR Transmittor.PNG

Capture 2020-02-23 16_48_22.png

UPDATE 2/29/20: I have expanded this concept to support a function use. My goal was to attempt to send the RAW (Not BCD) time across the world. Note portal gun stations have a max range of 673 blocks so range extenders are used. So using @r4v1n6's Solid State Clock, I'm using an 5 Byte Binary Sender to send all the information via projectiles.

Capture 2020-02-25 01_40_57.png

Here is the sender modals: Being none-BCD, I have to send double the data (For the purpose of looking visually pleasing).

I know there is MUCH more that these can be used for and from further research some pretty cool works of art can be made. I know these are NOT practical but it's cool to know the concept is possible. Bellow I made a video showcasing the project.


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