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An Enjoyable Elixer: Flask Change

To spookport or not to spookport

  • Spookport

  • Not Spookport

  • Spookport but change _

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Confetti is fun. Let's not have it ruin our fights.
Flasks are powerful tools that apply debuffs on melee hits or are the flask of confetti. The flask of confetti just... makes confetti. I love it.
The thing is, only 1 flask can be active at a time, meaning the Brightening Brew limits your lifespan. So I propose a fix for this: The Party Potion!

The Party Potion is a complete replacement for our beloved Confetti Cup, meaning yes, it would be removed from the game. Don't worry, this does moreorless the same thing.

The Party Potion is crafted with a Bottled Water and 5 Confetti at an Empty Bottle. It lasts for 10 minutes and produces confetti on all damage. This way it can work for all classes and not lower our melee stats.

So what do you think?
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I love this idea BUT it should be something thate the partie girl sells on a bloodmoon or partie
The player shouldn't have to limit the time frame they acquire a relatively inconsequential item. The current crafting recipe makes enough sense on its own as well, because it gives Confetti a purpose in crafting rather than making it a useless consumable item.


To be fair, the Flask of Party is plenty useful pre-Hardmode. Nobody wants the On Fire! or Poisoned flasks.

Slightly unrelated note: We need a similar particle effect for Flasks of Nanites. Would look freakin' amazing.
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