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An irrational fear that you have....


Headless Horseman
Lets see here, heights (as in looking at a tall building will make me dizzy), forests sort of (if I'm in one for too long I start to see the trees shrink and grow before my eyes), and I would say anything with a stinger, but I have a reason for that (there was a hive of yellow jackets under the stairs to the house I lived in when I was four, and they decided to attack me, you can guess how that went).


I thought Ebola was transmited by the Fruit Bats. Bats don't have stingers, do they? More like fangs. And what's with the comic sans? To add to the fear list, which is pretty low to me, since I don't have many fears/phobias whatever you may call it, is the fear of being photographed. It's not very strong. It's a mild little fear, more like an uncorfortable feeling than a fear. But only when I take such photos. When other people take photos of me, I generally tend to go ape:red: on them. This could be added to the Berserker Button Thread as well. I get instataniously in a psychotic rage once such things happen, and tend to rampage untill fading to exhaustion. That's what happens when someone takes a photo of mine without consent or by surprise, and I notice it. When it's by my consent, I do get annoyed and frustated, but no rage is ensured.


earthquakes. one time I think a week ago, a regular ol' 4.4 richter earthquake happened
I freaked out because i dont even know why.

Atomic Dodger

Official Terrarian
I have a fear of animated cartoons that show an apocalypse that ends the human race because for some reason I just get the chills when watching them.(animated only, I love fallout 3...)
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