An Official Introduction to Terrarian 1.3.1 Wiring & Mechanics

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    Ok, so weighted pressure plates not triggering player teleportation is intended. What about other new triggers? With player above sensors I can easily see them being 'limited' for same reason as weighted plates, but what about day night sensors? They should be single pulse only, but behave similarly in that player is not teleported. Liquid sensors seem limited too, though I did least testing with them. I can understand sticking a sensor into falling liquid can be/seem unpredictable to the player, but I don't see a problem from the game's perspective, and same could be said about shooting a multi projectile weapon(boomstick, shotgun, etc, although I haven't actually tested it, maybe only one projectile triggers them..) into teal pressure pads, which teleports players just fine.

    I don't mean to be rude, just curious if it was all intended, so that I can build knowing(well, hoping more like) that it won't be changed in a future patch.

    And, I doubt you have much time/interest, but could you maybe look at and comment if I got something right and which parts are completely wrong?

    Thank you for your time.

    Edit1: Also, is player above sensors detection area meant to be slightly bigger than 5x10 tiles? I feels really odd triggering it from the sides when I fill the inner area with blocks, but if that's intended it allows to make neat alternatives to pressure plates. And also, is teleporter pad detection area like 1 pixel too small on the left side? Walking onto a pressure plate on the leftmost block of the teleporter at slow speeds seems to imply that...
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    The behavior you pointed out is not intended, only the player-above sensor should've blocked teleportation - I'm looking into fixing it right now :)

    As for the player above sensors detection area , its 5x10 tiles + 2 pixels in each direction, this has been done to avoid some undesired behaviors with actuators spazzing, but it seems the box that shows its range did not properly get updated to reflect that, I'll look into that as well.
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    Thank you very much. That information is very appreciated. Now, back to testing, I heard there was cake...
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    What's the simplest way to make a diode?

    Edit: Pretty sure using an OR gate with a single logic lamp is the best way. Don't laugh at me. lol
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    Would be a signal relay. For a (digital) diode, you want an enable/disable input and signal input that only triggers an output when the device is enabled. The simplest way is to use a single regular lamp (for enable/disable) and a 'faulty lamp' (as input) which transforms any gate into what you want.
    (Well, technically it's a input weighted randomiser, but with 1 gate, it's what you want.)
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    Oooooooh thank you so much
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    Little late to the party, but I must ask, (excuse my impatience) do you have any plans for Otherworld Spoilers, release dates, ect.?
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    Diodes is very needed.
    Also changing direction of "railroad junctions" by triggers/plates/etc will be great.
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    Just think, horror maps with flickering lights and randomly closing doors! Thanks re-logic!
  11. Derpygamer256

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    Also, this update is the scourge of my existence :confused:
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    isnt there a blueprint thing? i dont know where to find it though
  13. DrIgnispirus

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    You get it by combining a multi-colour wrench, 60 wire, mechanical lens and a ruler at the Tinkerer's Workshop. You get the multi-colour wrench by combining all four wrenches (red, blue, green and yellow) with the wire cutters at a Tinkerer's Workshop.
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    luckily i have all that on my character :/ i think i might make multiple though so i can give my mechanic playthrough one and some wires
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    After you've got the blueprint all you need to do is go mining and take them from traps underground. I've never had to buy wire because of this.
  16. Wil

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    I may of built a teleporter awhile back in 1.3.0 and May of gotten stuck in a few infinite loops until the particles slowed my computer enough to get out
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    Luckily I was able to get online to figure this out, would like to see in in game, like on Xbox it has pictures etc. To help you
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    I still have a question... How can I send three consecutive signals to three outputs by using one signal? (and besides a timer, how do I make it continue with no delay? And a way to stop it).