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Do You want Extra Layers?

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  1. tPAv2a.c-tR

    tPAv2a.c-tR Terrarian

    What is this?

    It's an UPDATE, Yeah.

    This is a resource to help Spriters animate characters and armor for Terraria 1.3

    it's a simple .pdn (for paint.net) layered file with support for .xcf, .pdn and .psd

    It consists of multiple layers for each body part
    allowing you to preview how a character should look with the equipment you've made
    and uses simple colors, so you which layer each part belongs is very clear.

    Color Coded Mastery

    Guides Are Uncolored, so you can tell they're there.
    Male Guide
    Female Guide

    More manageable than all the layers at once.

    To use it you first need to draw your sprite
    (using the layers of course)
    All within the Shield_Shield Layer for this Shield

    Then you need to select the layer you'd like to export (if it's a sprite for in game)
    note: the background must be deselected if you plan to export (by select I mean tap on that little tick-box)
    Guide Selected
    Guide Deselected

    the "Base_Head" Layer should be selected for a helmet or head accessory

    The Layer has the end of your Sprite Sheets Name EG: Shield_Shield layer should be named as YourShieldsName_Shield.png

    Once you've selected your layer (only one at a time) click Save As

    then name the file whatever you'd like and change it to a .png
    There's a drop down List, make sure you select PNG

    click save and you have yourself a Sprite Sheet able to be put into Terraria.

    So basically all I did in this update is add nearly every draw layer(with an example) to the sheet and fix a few errors here and there.
    and not force you to have 2x2 pixels.

    added WIngs and Balloons bases
    added support for .psd and .xcf
    Hope it's more useful to you than to me!
    (and it's pretty useful!)

    v3.0 right now.

    You can use it how ever you like. No Credit Required.
    and if you want anything added i will be updating this resource!

    additional MediaFire link here.

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    Last edited: Apr 13, 2016
  2. Pirtz

    Pirtz Terrarian

    I'm sorry to be a :red:, but what exactly does this help with? All of this can be achieved just by taking a spritesheet from the game files and drawing over it...
  3. tPAv2a.c-tR

    tPAv2a.c-tR Terrarian

    yeah but this is premade into .pdn
    its generally easier to use than going into a packed xnb and searching specifically for that one (or three in some cases) file which grants you a useable base to draw over
  4. paradise404

    paradise404 Terrarian

    Hmmm do you know which frame is which? Eg. going down the spritesheet, which one represents holding a weapon, and the sequence for running?