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Working as Designed Another visual oddity (sorry): Visibility of wings in vanity slot unaffected by visibility of wings in accessory slot


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This isn't exactly a bug, and one could argue that it works as intended, but it still seems like a bit of an oversight? I'm kinda dumb, and I'm not sure where this is really supposed to go. Sorry!



This can be frustrating for players who want to use higher tier wings behind their visible wings, but also hide their wings when on the ground.
It might be a glitch...? Probably not though, I think this is more of a suggestion if anything BUT I do support this. If you had an option to toggle visibility on or off for wings while in the vanity section that would do wonders.


Queen Bee
This has been a thing for a long time if I'm not mistaken. It pretty much follows the logic of "if it's in a vanity slot, you obviously wants to see it at all times".
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