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Answer My Riddle

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Alright, since I've been playing the games of other users, I've finally decided to create a game of my own. As the title indicates, this thread will contain riddles that each poster must answer. To keep things clean (since order > chaos), here are the rules of posting:


- Starting with my post (OP), any poster who posts after must answer the riddle given -

- Do not start a new riddle until the previous riddle has been answered -

- Each poster that is giving an answer to a riddle must also include the name of the original riddle poster (i.e. This is my answer @Shrooms) -

- The original riddle poster must be fair and must indicate when their riddle has been correctly answered (side-note: do not be messy and try to add things to a riddle) -

- Keep things clean and on topic (again order > chaos) -

- Follow the official rules of the form, if you do not, tough cookies for you -

- Have fun -


Additionally, here's the format that all riddle posts must follow:

Riddle: "Books are my favorite, reading is what I do, people have a name for me, do you know it too?"

Is usually a person who reads a lot.

That's about it, hope you have fun within this thread and lets play the riddle game! ^_^
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That's nice and all, but just one thing..

- Starting with my post (OP), each prior poster must answer the riddle given -

Prior means before.
Needless to say, we can't post before you considering that you're the OP.

As for an answer, I'm going to go with the same thing as Zimber.


Okay then... umm...

I flow without an ending
I don't have a start or an end
And as much as I don't care about anything
You are afraid to lose me
Who am I?


Riddle: "My shell is hard, my body is round, people really enjoy me being round."

My mother is delicious.
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