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Switch Any tips for the mecha mayhem achievement?


I really want to get that achievement, but I think it might be too hard. I play on console and will be using mostly post-moon lord summoner gear. Any tips?


Headless Horseman
A good arena is vital - campfire, heart, star in a bottle, some heart statues with pressure plates by them
You also need all the buff potions and a good set of wings (Fishron or better)
It helps to also have the super health potions and a minion.


It seems scary tough, but with post-moon lord gear, it can be super easy. buffs and stuff can help a lot too, of course, - perticularly lifeforce potion! - and, of course, things like stardust dragon can help too. I used full nebulla armor with nebulla arcanum, magic power, mana regen, ironskin, lifeforce, regen potions, and a food that gives lvl 3 well fed such as seafood dinner.
heart lantern, star in a bottle, campfire/fireplace, buff stations can help too.

The battle was over suprisingly quick XD
Well, it was on normal mode though. It would be surely tougher on other modes, but, since all worths the exact same achievement... might be a good idea to try it on normal mode.
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