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Switch Anything & Everything

Unit One

Staff member
I can give you full on wings to day and The last prism
Free of price I have multiple types and help with the game is offerd

you one shot wyverns?!:eek:

Hi there @shusui uchiha i know you were trying to be helpful to other players by offering items here, but this is ForeverPyrite’s thread and you kind of took over. You can make your own thread if you haven’t already.

For both @shusui uchiha and @This_is_a_username - with your back and forth comments and chatting, you’ve both hijacked the thread from ForeverPyrite and made it your own thread. This should be for ForeverPyrite to sell and trade, not for you guys to chat here. Just a tip for going forward, please respect the topic of threads. :)


The Destroyer
@This_is_a_username with the ability of time travel, if your request is still open
Can I have 20 souls of flight(because my Wyverns never show up) and a sandstorm in a bottle? My code is SW-4399-3151-0037.
My brothers also want *clears throat* 2 phaseblades(one red one yellow), 2 platinum pickaxes, one old one's army music box and a set of jungle armor.(you don't have to get this for them if you don't want to)
I can get you all of that easy, just have to fix my Switch still again. Sorry guys.
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