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i been testing fighter and it seems

Ability 2: Your 'Overly Excited Old Friend' comes in your aid ,dealing 20/50 damage (pre-hardmode/hardmode)

the minion dont seem to do anything. it just flies around.

PROBABLY going to rework that ability too
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I would like to say that this is a really great mod and was wondering if there is a discord for it?
I would like to say that this is a really great mod and was wondering if there is a discord for it?

Not really, i didnt think it would be necessary since i just assume 99% of the ppl wont join.

I might make one tho... might come in handy for things like Bug Reports and such...
Hi ! I really likes your mod ! but I would like to suggest a melee/summon class. This will make my husband really happy :p Thanks !
Hi ! I really like the idea !! And For a summoner main (and mage main because of your mod ;) ) I try to get every summon in every game..this is a rule for me ! I like the idea of being buffed from the kind a minion you have,but for a tmod user, i personnaly dont play only Appachi mod alone,i will use it with something else like calamity,thorium,element awaken,ancients awakened... ect any huge content mod...So I think the minions from the others mod wont make it work...But i think we can replace it for

1 : Get a buff based if the minion is melee,range or spell caster / enchanted weapon

2 : get Melee attack speed ,dmg or others stats per minion or based on the type of minions

3 : maybe add a spell who make the miniion attacks as fast as you hit a target with a melee weapon ?

What do you think ? Sorry for my bad english
hi again ! I played your mod and tried the classes im most susceptible to play . Here what I think :

As a mage,in my game I began Plague and 1 shoted most of the bosses with the second spell ,even the modded ones ! My boyfriend played summoner and he really disliked the second spell. The damage and duration was too weak. I think if you replace it by a special minion who doesnt count as a minion but act alike,this would be more fun. he could grow as you level the token ( Like a mini dragon lvl 1 and then he grow larger and bigger and at the end hes a super nice big dragon :3)

Then I tried elementalist. The first spell is nice unless for fire,i hated it and never used it. Air was nice for farming or for multi segments bosses,also the passive dmg is insane,proc alot ! Water is nice and saved me a couple of time. Earth allowed me to solo moonlord without moving .

Werewolf path 1 : Very interesting. I dont play melee at all but the damage from the passive based on your mana give the highest magic damage from all classes. The spell is very nice I liked it,but less than the Elementalist and the plague.

Mage : Very weak. less damage than the others, blink useless because of rod of discord. Second spell is like the summoner and do less damage than the others classes above,by far.
I think the mage should be more like the arcane mage in WoW.. Like a spell for bursting (Give like 60% more magic dmg something like that ) and a spell who make your spell cost no mana for x duration.

Shaman : The ability 1 doesnt make it rain for me. But the triangle do damage until a redo the spelll. very nice spell, u really can use it all the time. Ability 2 is fun when bossing or farming.
I liked play summoner and mage !

Druid : I didnt really liked it,i switched for shaman after that.

Blood mage : Nice concept, the survivality is nice but too low damage on the 1st ability. If you compare,in my end game plague do like 100k dps on 4 dummies...Werewolf and elementalist were close with such low durations abilities !

Finally ,i wanted to say you thank you for the mod. I really had lot of fun and i think i wont be able to play terraria without it. I hope u will add more classes and fixes the weaker ones !!!

The paladin is broken, change my mind :3 (calamity route)
Good mod.
It's what I wanted, I was looking for a rpg/role mod and I found this madness. One detail is that in the paladin class, the life given by the class is bugged, it is rare.
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