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Sprites April Fools in Terraria


Skeletron Prime
I don't know why I made this. I just thought it'd be funny to come in to Terraria on April Fools and find some sunglasses bunnies and stuff, you know?
Note this only last on April Fools. Manual summoning of the event coming soon.
- Items
- Minions
- Monsters
- Weapons
- Materials
- Tools
- Crafting Stations
- Pets

Baby Slime.png

Baby Slime Minion
- Now looks like an actual baby slime.

Troll Essence.png

Troll Essence
- Dropped from enemies on April Fools in stacks of 1-10.
- Stacks to 999.
- Used to craft certain items later on.

Original Hammush.png

Hammush ==> The Real Hammush
- Now looks like the real hammush.
- Can now be crafted with a Wand of Sparking and 2 Glowing Mushrooms.

Upside-Down Workbench.png

- Now upside down.

Troll Carrot.png

Troll Carrot
- Summons a derpy bunny.
- Crafted with:
- 5 Troll Essence
- 1 Carrot

Obviously A Bunny.png

Corrupt Bunny ==> Totally A Real Bunny
- New look for Corrupt Bunnies.

Troll Bomb.png

Troll Bomb
- Crafted with:
- 1 Troll Essence
- 1 Bomb
- Explodes on impact, dealing 666 damage to enemies in the blast radius (including the player), ignoring defense and other defensive capabilities.

Mother Bunny.png

Mother Slime ==> Mother Bunny

- Now has a bunny mask.
- When hovered over, it will say "Mother Bunny".
- Appears on Lifeform Analyzer as rarest enemy. (aka rarity is higher than every other enemy, showing "Mother Bunny" even if a Nymph/Pinky is nearby.)

Swagenachial Eye.png

Swagenaichal Eye
- Now wears sunglasses.

Ichor and Cursed Flames.png

Cursed Flames and Ichor ==> Ichor and Cursed Flames

- Now have different sprites and switched names. Other stuff remains the same. (crafting, where its dropped from, etc.)

Gangster Bunny Carrot.png
Gangster Bunny.png

Fuzzy Carrot and Bunny Mount ==> Swaggy Carrot and Gangster Bunny Mount

- Crafted with:
- 1 Troll Essence
- 1 Fuzzy Carrot
- Now looks cool.
"Yeah, like it didn't look cool bef-"

Swag of Cthulhu.png

Brain of Cthulhu ==> Swag of Cthulhu

- Now has a sunglass over its eye so it looks swaggier.

Corruption Dryad.png

Corruption Dryad
- Now thinks the corruption is good and the purity/hallow is bad.
- Different sprite based on world evil.

Fake Bunny Slime with Arkhalis.png

Corrupted Bunny Slime
- Has a chance to replace a normal slime.
- Looks like it has an Arkhalis in it, but it does NOT drop one.

Fake Enchanted Sword.png
Fake Arkhalis.png

Fake Enchanted Sword
- Fake one now looks real.
- Real one now looks fake.
- Arkhalis now looks wooden.

Swag Bunny.png

Swag Bunny
- Now looks swaggier.

Snowman Gangster.png

Snowman Gangsta ==> Snowman Gangster
- Now wears sunglasses.
- Now 360 noscopes instead of shooting, dealing 1337, ignoring all types of defense and defensive capabilities.

Swag Glasses.png

Swageyed Goggles
- Now looks like and wear sunglasses.
- Now have a higher drop chance.

Breathing Bow.png

Breathing Bow
- Now works as a bow.
- Does 1 damage.
- Can be used to breathe from by shooting sideways.

More coming soon...

The TechnoMancer

Skeletron Prime
The copper shortsword should also deal 9999 damage.
This could be exploited, and used to defeat countless bosses when the player normally couldn't. The player could also set the time settings to April Fools every day, and cheat. But I do agree with the first part.


Why not try putting sunglasses on every eye of the Eater of Worlds and The Destroyer?
Also, turn the Eye of Cthulhu into an Illuminati logo...
yes because of all the other MLG things in this post


This could be exploited, and used to defeat countless bosses when the player normally couldn't. The player could also set the time settings to April Fools every day, and cheat. But I do agree with the first part.
Yea you've got a point; how about the shortsword does only 9999 damage to any slimes?
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