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Are these paintings still rare in 1.4?


Hi! I have been playing terraria non-stop since 1.4 came out. In the middle of my Journey mode casual run, I realised my dungeon had 3 out of the 5 paintings that were super rare in 1.3. In 1.3, people had to search 100 world dungeons to find one of them. I heard they increased the odds of cabin paintings spawning but nothing about the dungeon. Did they increase the odds of these paintings spawning or did I just get really lucky?

If anyone is interested, the paintings I got are:
- Trio Super Heroes
- The Creation of the Guide
- Facing the Cerebral Mastermind
Seed:, Medium world-Corruption-journey mode.

Have a good day :)


Duke Fishron
So I have been looting Dungeons in Journey Mode trying to unlock all items found within via world Gen. I have cleared about 6 Large 1.4 Dungeons and 3 Medium 1.4 Dungeons, Thus far Creation of the Guide has appeared in two large dungeons which is similar in occurrence to other large Dungeon Paintings I have found) and Trio Super Heroes have appeared in more than half of the Dungeons. I have not found any of the following large paintings thus far: Facing the Cerebral Mastermind, The Destroyer, Dryadisque, The Screamer, and Sparky nor the medium sized painting Guardians Gaze. Given the number of large paintings found in any given Dungeon it seems consistent with them having a fairly similar chance to spawn

Also incidentally the new dungeon generation seems to result in far less paintings and furniture relative to 1.3 Dungeons Thus far I still haven't found a Blue Dungeon Dresser or Bathtub, nor a Green Dungeon Candle, Sofa or Piano. Chairs and especially Clocks seem to be the most common types of furniture followed by Vases, Work benches and Tables. Like Paintings these can only generate under one of the 3 wall types and given most of a typical dungeon is now occupied by cracked dungeon bricks. I have no idea why clocks are so damn common World Gen why do I need 10-20 clocks per world Just give me one dresser or bathtub etc. In one world I could swear over 50% of the Furniture was Clocks! It is absurd! >_<
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