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Are we alone?

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Who knows? Our Earth is a proof that there can be life in other parts of the universe. Still, no empirical evidence suggest that this is actually the case. There are some mathematical speculations and calculations but they are ineffective as long there are just us as a proof. Statistically speaking, one cannot generalize from one observation.

What if there is no alien life in the lifespan of human beings but there has been in the past or will be in the future? What if the alien life forms are just primitive bacteria and none of it is at least as intelligent as us? Even if there are intelligent beings at the same time as us, it is possible that we can't connect to because of technological differences. Perhaps the aliens are living their stone age while we are living in our 21st century (and this doesn't make them any dumber than us). After all, our stone age lasted for thousands of years and our modern era started in the 20th century. It is also possible that natural disasters killed them or they destroyed themselves with weapons of mass destruction.

Maybe our technology will never be able to investigate this matter much further. I hope this will not be the case.
I believe with almost complete certainty that there are other forms of life somewhere in our Universe. The aliens that we envision however (Green bulb heads) likely don't exist. Life can take on many forms, being an animal, plant, fungi, and categories of insectoid, amphibious, and other concepts we've never imagined before. The best we may be able to discover from the confines of our galaxy are micro cellular organisms in different galaxies. And there could be intelligent life with a civilization built up like ours in a galaxy far far away that we'll never meet in the lifetime of the human race.

It is unlikely that we would have contact with aliens anytime soon as we or they would have to build the hyperdrive technology that is imagined from sci-fi settings (Or learn how to open up stable wormholes which is just as unlikely to happen anytime soon). Considering that aliens likely live in galaxies thousands or millions of Light Years away. And if we did have contact with an intelligent alien species, it would bring up a lot of political and ethical issues assuming we could even make a form of universal translator, and considering the history of the human race that's a discussion for a different topic.
i believe, personally, it is ignorant to assume we are the only advanced species in the universe. considering it is infinite, somewhere in the great unknown, there has to be something.
the only real question from me is if they have visited this planet or not. perhaps they have, but i sincerely doubt such a thing could be kept quiet like how tin-foilers will claim. who knows.
If we have alien visitors, then they are really close to us. If they come, they don't want us to detect them because they already know what inferior minds will do about it. They will also be wary of military action especially if they wish to be peaceful.

You don't just go hang out with a bunch of lions. You watch them but that's about it.
Theo Maassen said:
If there is extraterrestrial life there are two possibilities: they are less intelligent than we are or they are more intelligent than we are. Well, if they're less intelligent, I don't want to have anything to do with them, if they are more intelligent, they'll find us much sooner than we'll find them.

I believe extraterrestrial life because it's just so improbable that in this inconceivably large universe, we are alone. Not that I think that we'll ever encounter intelligent life, so I don't think too much about it.

Being a nihilist is fun.
I don't think aliens would avoid communicating with us because they are smarter than us and this is why we haven't found any sign of them. This statement assumes we humans are one of the dumbest intelligent species there exists. This kind of inferiority complex has no more proof than any superiority arguments we could construct. When all our characteristics are combined, it is most likely that we are rather "average" intelligent species as a whole. And if we believe that every alien species is a result of (biological) evolution, the species have achieved their status because of "the survival of the fittest" rule.

Evolution favors many characteristics. Sometimes aggressiveness gives the best breeding possibilities and other times it is friendly co-operation. This is true in human behavior as well: in warfare it is fitting to act aggressively and in peace time it is fitting to be a part of social community. If aliens are results of evolution, our kind of situation is most likely similar to their situation. This means the most of the potentially existing alien species are pretty much as peaceful and violent as we are.
Are we alone? No, we have the Creator out there. But more to the point, are there aliens out there? No.

Even if there where, I'm quite positive they would look over our history and skip our miserable planet entirely.

Just my opinion...
Um... Possibly. I have no evidence to believe either. But, as many people would say, it's almost unrealistic to assume that life can't exist elsewhere in the universe. After all, there are an infinite number of continuously forming planets and solar systems. So... Yeah, who knows? :)
Well, there's chances we can't be alone. I mean, we found Earth-like planets, and we haven't have an in-depth look. And we know that Mars must have had water at some point in history. So, it's possible we aren't alone
Are we alone? No, we have the Creator out there. But more to the point, are there aliens out there? No.

Even if there where, I'm quite positive they would look over our history and skip our miserable planet entirely.

Just my opinion...
actually, I believe in both! I think the Big Bang happened, which created God and the universe, then god made
Earth. Then he went to make other planets, then the inhabitable ones gave way for the first life, including
bacteria on Earth.
Are we alone? Depends on how you look at it.

There is life elsewhere in the universe and lots of it. With billions upon billions of stars out there it's plain ignorant to believe we're the only lifeforms in the whole universe. Looking at it this way you can say we're not alone in the universe.

However, we're sitting in a dark corner of a galaxy. Our nearest neighbours are undoubtly so far away that we'll never be able to reach them, or vice versa. I also don't believe we've been visited. So looking at it that way makes me feel we're very much alone.
With a critical question like that, it's quite possible that loneliness is the answer. However, the reason why you believe so is that people are just people. Media is just media, and people are believing said media or split apart into the people who are enlightened to believe ABOVE what the media says. Now, if you think about the question, "are we alone?" kinda makes you want to think that you are alone. You might wanna ask instead, "are there any more of us?", which gives out a more positive message to the reader.

Anyway, back to statistics; yes, we've discovered MULTIPLE suns and multiple stars way out in the reaches of outer space. Thinking about it, it took us more than 30 years for the Voyagers to get into interstellar space, and it would take more than 40,000 years to get into the closest star's orbit [not to mention the theorized "Oort Cloud" is going to be in the way], but yeah.

Modern tech should be able to give us some time and build such a technology to enable to travel in speeds close to the speed of light. The issue is, we just don't have the time or the funding and the people, or society, is just naturally selfish and won't give 2 craps about finding life on other planets because all they care is just about themselves. = w=
maybe aliens are scared of us because all of their animals are herbivores and they are worried we'll eat them. :c
I think that with all the different stars and planets strewn across the universe, there's probably at least one more planet with life in our galaxy alone. Though, I'd say it's a 50/50 chance whether or not they'd be intelligent, and chances are ven with we did encounter an advanced race they might not even be human looking. Why can't there be a group of insectoid creatures with their own language?

If we tried to commuicate though, I can't see the outcome being any good. We probably would never find out their mannerisms before some sort of violent act is brought up, and even with sign language, using a handshake as peace could mean rivalry somewhere else.
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