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Sprites [Armor] Slime Armor for Summoners Early Game


Hey! My personal favorite class is Summoner, but they don't seem to get a lot of love in Pre-Hardmode, especially armor-wise, with only the bee armor to use. So my solution? Make a new armor set in the style of the Slime Staff!

The Slime Armor would be a very early-game set acquired before the King Slime. First of all: this set requires the Living Loom to craft. Giant Trees, especially with dungeons, can be rare, especially among small worlds. My solution is that every world should at least have 1 Living Tree with a dungeon. Then again, that bit may or may not work with the world generation, so that can be up for debate.

Now, let's move onto the armor.
Slime Armor.png

This is the armor on the character. Made using the slime staff palette with another shade of brown and another gray for sel-out.
Slime Hat.png
Slime Cap: 1 defense. Crafting: 15 wood and 5 gel @ Living Loom
Slime Breastplate.png
Slime Breastplate: 2 Defense, Increases minion damage by 2% Crafting: 30 wood and 15 gel @ Living Loom
Slime Leggings.png
Slime Leggings: 1 Defense. Crafting: 20 wood and 10 gel @ Living Loom
SET BONUS: Increases your max number of Slime minions by 1

Now, another annoying thing that summoners have to endure is the pain of getting the Slime Staff. (And breaking their space bar in the process)
My solution to this problem is making the slime staff craftable, with 25 wood and 15 gel at a Living Loom.

This has been my first suggestion, and I hope it's good!

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Skeletron Prime
Great idea, but there's one issue: not all worlds have a living loom. Of course, this could be remedied by going into several worlds until you have one, but that shouldn't need to happen. What abut at a normal crafting bench?

Edit: Sorry, forget to read the whole thing.


I was trying to be original by adding the wood instead of it all just being slime, as there are a lot of other suggestions that make it just pure slime. Also, I was trying to follow the Slime Staff's theme.
It's just, I'm not all that much for things that are supposed to be themed for something, but look a bit different.


Support but one problem. You can't kill slimes if you're in a summoner playthrough tho..
Some people will use a wooden sword until they find the staff. Others will find a dart trap and make a slime killing machine by hooking up a slime statue, putting a thin layer of lava under it, and spamming their space bar to jump on the pressure plate.
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