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I would like a drawing of my character in any animated -esque style (no chibi or fnf) it has no particular pose needed and could have a stardust background. images for reference

Status Open


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I request that someone makes this character:
No eye Lightpet please (Suspicious Looking Tentacle)
Preferably in Terraria pixel art style (but doesn’t need to be side facing)
Please make the character riding the Phantasmal Dragon pet

Lunar Cultist Robe and Hood
Fire Gauntlet
Ghostar’s Infinity Eight (wings)
Tablet Fragment (Phantasmal Dragon pet)
Everything is in Infernal Wisp Dye

If it is holding a weapon, I would like the weapon to be a Death Sickle, but what it would look like with Infernal Wisp Dye on it. The weapon is 100% optional.

This request will always be open.
Please PM me any results.
Thank you in advance.


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