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Ok. Hi everyone, i am Cthugh and i would like to have a .gif of a cultist (with it's animation) fliping the table in rage

(maybe make the table a bit smaller...)
(and the cultist robe a bit darker)

This request is currently open!

I need a sprite for ALL chain knifes of my chain knife suggestion(i'll give credits)
It is on my sig, but i'll link it there
Could you please make an avatar of a djinni I included - terraria style, pixel art
Thanks in advance :)


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I'd like to request a Paladin (similar to the Terraria paladin), not super bulky, and wearing a silvery armor with bright blue highlights rather then silver and gold. As well, I'd like for him to be wielding a silver longsword, again with blue highlights, perhaps a blue 'stripe' of sorts going down the blade, and in his left hand a silver and blue shield. No background, and I'd like for him to be facing forward. Thanks!


I would like some art of my chacter Artemis any style that you want she can be holding any weapon or in any pose so go wild

I'd like some art for that guy in my current profile picture.
Here's a picture in case I've changed picture:
Possibly closed, PM me if you have interest because I might forget to update this

I'd like my Terraria character drawn.
Rundown of my character:
Male character, party hair, blue eyes, red shirt, blue pants (like jeans), Magical Lantern light pet, Unicorn mount, red Bunny as pet, and frostbrand as weapon.

Picture of my character:

(Don't mind the confetti covering my bunny)

I'd love my character in this sort of cartoonish art style: (The picture is really big)
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Request always open because I want to see different versions of it
Though, it may be closed at some point since I might REALLY enjoy one work.

Can you make me a black Emperor Scorpion? Make its tail red and give it a reddish underside. Make it about 5 times bigger than a sand poacher. I'd like it to be the usual Terraria art style. I will need it for my thread. Thanks!​


Hello, I'd like my personal character to be drawn. Nothing much to say, but here's some information.
Gender- Female, with long dark red hair
Head: Cat Ears dyed with Grim Dye
Chest: Kimono dyed with Red & Black Dye
Legs: None

I would like a cartoon or chibi drawing in color of a generic Terraria character. I would like the color scheme and design to be very similar to this:Terraria_ Otherworld announced, isn't Terraria sequel.jpg
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Status: Open
Can someone make me a dark hooded figure which is emanating some dark energy or something like that. The face of the figure is not much required and at most a chin is all that is required if someone wants to make the face. Go crazy and do anything you like. Digital would be preferred and if someone makes it in colour then the only restriction is there should not be much bright/candy colours.
Alternatively make something that matches
with my name.:p

Hello all, this is my request post. This will be OPEN forever.

1. Viscount Bluebeard:


This character is a redesign of Captain Bluebeard, when he turns into a noble after a last expedition. This character sheet and vanity set was created by forum-goer @Theo . Go check out his thread!

2. Archmage Larissa:



Archmage Larissa's two sketches were created by none other than forum artist @EpicCriddle . Go check out everything he does, because, as you may or may not know, he's the best. Here's a brief description of her that I provided Criddle with. Of course, with added grammar and the sort:

"Archmage Larissa wears Paladin Armour, thinned down to a degree, but still relatively bulky. Think the armour that the Paladins in the dungeons wear. Embedded in the chestpiece is a Last Prism, which allows her to unleash a large beam of powerful magic. She wears two Nebula Blazes that are big, and serve as a set of gauntlets. She has an ordinary white cape, and at times wears a Spectre Mask. Often not, because she likes her face. In her hand is a Daybreak, and she also likes to use Shadowflame Knives ((I think that's what they're called.)) Her skin is tanned and she has hairstyle 87, dark brown, as well as her eyes being purple. She rides a Drakomire when travelling."

Here's another reference of her, drawn by @Hello the Terrarian . Check Hello's art thread out, now!

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I would like to request some art of my new summoner OC Shõkan Kurasu any style is accepted but digital is preferred

If she is in her battle gear she will have a stardust dragon or ravens but if she is in her causal gear she will have no weapons or summons the rest is to you so go wild
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