Ask a Dedicated Balloon User Whatever the Heck You Want


Hi, I'm Coley! I've used Balloons in place of wings for all purposes for nearly 2 and a half years now, and I don't intend to change that any time soon. Ask me anything!

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How would you feel about a bundle of all 6 balloons?
Not gonna lie, It wouldn’t be as insane as people make it out to be. Featherfall Potion gives colossal jump height and airtime, and 6 jumps with Featherfall is way, way more than you actually need.

One of the mods I play nowadays adds an alternate to the Bundle (Fart in a Balloon + Sharkron Balloon + Honey Balloon) and I find that just those two jumps with Featherfall is enough for basically the entire game.


What other Mobility Accessories and Mounts do you use with the Bundle of Balloons?

Have you tried High Tier Wings with the Soaring Insignia?

Are you the clown from It?
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