Ask a random blue slime anything!

Tell me, what is the most efficient biome to farm players in?
Probably the Forest biome, most players live there.
Do you enjoy being near the slime summon from the slime staff?
I do
Are you the imposter from among us?
How do slimers get wings?
I'm pretty sure I answered this before in this thread, but there is another theory for how it got it's wings. The theory is that an angel slime wandered into The Corruption, and slowly got corrupted to do the Corruption's biddings, where it evolved to be effective in both land and flight combat. The other original theory is that a Mother Slime wandered into the Corruption and got corrupted, and a pixie flew into the Corruption and got absorbed by the corrupted mother slime, which then took on some of the pixie's characteristics, which were mainly it's wings.
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