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Ask a Very Rare Traveling Merchant Sell/Ghastly Gibus (almost) Anything


please ask things relevant

ok so ple-
wait abraham no no please we can't leave yet no you know that I'm busy we can't go to that idiot's world oh come on i thought you said you were bringing CrimsonCloak - wait, you're bringing both of us? nooo, you might as well bring Zapinator instead.
ok ok abraham! rawleigh brought me to that half-crimson world already leave me alone- i thought i was supposed to be "very rare" abraham you suck I'm going with gallius to this master mode world.
gallius you know i hate being with Code 2 bring Code 1 instead, fine, Code 2 it is.

ok so please reply with your questions that are not stupid

gallius. GALLIUS! where's CelestialMagnet?
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