Ask me a variety of questions, or something like that.


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well first of all, a theory that you might not know called an "accident" happened. And 2, I'm just having a joke around.
From a scale of 1 to 10, how tempting is it to kick the :red: of @Unreal_Megashark ?
I'd like to remind both of you, as well as everyone else in the thread who may read this to be as respectful as possible to other members. While it might not neccessarily be the intention your recent posts are a bit rude towards Megashark. If you found him being disruptive then In the future please ask them to stop or use the report function and staff will intervene if neccessary.

Nothing too bad has been said so I'm not going to dole out any points as long as it ends here, but in the future please be a bit more respectful as the goal of this forum is to be as positive of a place as possible.
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