Ask me a variety of questions, or something like that.


Skeletron Prime
My opinion is you should shut up and stop flamebaiting me.
-Literally a guy from Fortnite.
who are you talking to and why did you call my pfp a guy from fortnitr if you were talking ot me that is and if you were id slice you up into confetti
1. That character (8-Ball) is literally
2. You're deeply confusing me and it almost feels like you're trying to aggravate me.
3. If you ever use the word "cancerous" to describe something, I'm not responding.
You pinged someone random. Luckily, they haven't been online since 2018, but try to be more careful next time.
And I don't think I'm qualified to describe who's cool and who isn't, I don't know your air conditioning.
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