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Admiral Lazuli'

Torch God
(Ah yes, a fellow Markiplier enjoyer)
So, I’ve been posting memes on my profile with pictures of the TCF peeps (some of whom I have forgotten), like the Terraria Bosses one


Torch God
I’d recommend trying to get in yourself first, I can give a hint if you get stuck (It’ll be in riddle-speak, though).
i have no idea what the first step is, also i think this would be more convenient in a convo, though you'll have to start it cause you dont follow me
also i tried to give myself the torch god title but i didnt get the trophy for some reason


The Destroyer
How do you feel about this image?
Image result for 3d saul goodman images


Eye of Cthulhu
if I were to tell you, wouldn’t that make its purpose obsolete?


In terraria?

No, I admire peoples work, I do however enjoy carving out huge areas of land for builds or arenas.
hmmmmmmm I shall acquire this information to get this title. If I need to join a cult, count me in
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