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Oh, okay. I kind of also sometimes do that, but I tend to prefer actually using them.

On a side note, how'd you describe the personality of them all?
On a side note, how'd you describe the personality of them all?
Ooh. This is a fun one.

-Doodles for the most part, is just a regular guy, which doesn't say much considering a lot of these characters lean into absurdity. He has to keep up a lot of energy considering that a lot of the time, there are 3 other drastically different people in the house with him. He sometimes tries to use his Link to show off, but it normally doesn't work out, considering it's practically just a big roulette wheel.

-Nia, despite being a innocent and naive kid, really knows how to mess with people. She acts up, she talks (extremely G Rated) :red: and does pretty much everything else you could imagine someone her age doing, but note that she never really does much that negatively impacts her or the people around her. She gets up to stuff, but still is lovable.

-Blizz is one of those people that can be pretty dense sometimes, but isn't dumb. Due to the fact that she doesn't live in Doodles' house and doesn't get to see the others all the time drives her to be the most socially active of the group. She can also be pretty reckless.

-Neyma is the mother of the group. In a literal sense when it comes to Nia. She sees everyone as her family and cherishes them in a way she never got to in her "previous life". Despite being the most mature and controlled, she still has trouble learning her way around the modern world.

In general, I wanted the main four to have a very sitcom-like dynamic in the way they interact.

-Steno is cold and distant. There's clearly something up with him, as in every possible scenario he tries to avoid interacting with others, which is hard when your next door neighbor is

-Igneo, who is a huge :red:. She never shuts up, and pretty much never says anything good about anybody. Almost as if she's doing it on purpose.
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