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Were all your OCs born the way they are (not talkimg about age)?
Minus all their Links, which were obviously acquired after birth, there's Neyma, who obviously wasn't always a ghost, and then there's a few else including a few technicalities and one big clear cut change, but all of those are gigantic spoilers for Linked, so I can't say.
Are there any places you got the ideas for all your OCs?
Well, at the moment im not entirely sure in the moment, so lets go through them all and see..

-Doodles wasn't really inspired by anything at first, as evidenced by the "nothing" design he had going on at first, and I just thought the glasses were cool. Most recent design however has much more going on. The lights stuff was sort of just inspired by the whole neon cyberpunk-type aesthetic. There's also some design cues from Sonic in there I think.... I have no idea where or how, but I feel it in my soul. The whole crystals thing didn't really come from anywhere. It was just kinda a byproduct of the creation of Links, as I wanted to give Doodles, a cool and fitting ability.

-Nia, I'm not entirely sure. I've always envisioned my cast of OCs to be a variety of different species, and I wanted to start with something unique, so I chose a big spider. Originally, for a while, she had human skin. I changed this because I wanted her design to be more monster-like.

-Aeira was originally based off a design created by Cherry. Originally she had white hair and generic monochrome clothes. Obviously this did not suffice, so I gave her clothes better fitting her wintery aesthetic. After the introduction of Igneo, I didn't really want 2 main cast members who both had bunny ears, so I swapped out Aeira's for antlers, fitting into the wintery look even more.

-Neyma is probably one of my favorite designs I've ever made. Her very first design was specifically made to look as posh and old-timey as possible, but I thought it felt a little too on the nose, so I ended up giving her a more modern outfit, with some glasses I felt fit even better. The hair is the one part I don't really like. It doesn't fit her too well. It'll change again before you see her in Linked

-Steno and Igneo are in somewhat of the same boat design wise. Both of them were sparked from the concept of an alternate dimension where things are slightly different, which was a concept I ended up scrapping for being too difficult to develop (but the concept did make it into Linked into a different kind of way...). Steno is basically Doodles, but really boring. No flair, flat personality. Igneo was designed to have a fire motif to counter Aeira's winter one.

(now that i think about this was less about inspirations and more me documenting the design process of making all my ocs. whoops)
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