Ask me stuff or whatever

How do you feel about shiny trees?
It depends what colour they are, if they look like they’re from the Upside-Down, than holy :red: no
what would you do if you found a wallet in the woods with someone’s ID in it and 250 USD
I would return it to the authorities, like I did in Washington D.C. with a lost credit card
What's the flag in ur pfp?
That’s the Non-Binary flag, but the pins are the Gay flag and the Non-Binary flag
Well that’s kinda rude
If your just gonna post off-topic stuff like this, please don’t post. It’s just clogging up space, and it is not appreciated. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but sometimes I like to have my threads clean
Whatever dude. Won't happen again, at least not on your threads.
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