Ask my OC's anything (an AMA but for my OC's)

Elemental 131

This is an AMA but for my OC's just post the OC's name and then what you want to ask them (their names are in my signature about and right here)
any OC before this is in the about
Jay (a hooman that one day found a mirror in an abandoned shack, after finding it, Jay cleaned it, and when looking into it he could see his reflection but a bit different... it had seemed like a bird version of himself (specifically a blue jay) which then he found that he could change it to a normal blue jay, and a human that's the size of a blue jay after going through it, he could change into the form he selected) hex code: #3d8eb9
Creo (a god of sorts...) hex code: #5a3c6e
Nithrium (Another friend of Pixy/Pyxi and Dozo. They can use a special magic type called Mental Magic. They don't really trust someone if they've done something bad in the past, otherwise, he's pretty kind) hex code: #9d9101
Celes (A female summoner that can also use tomes/magic_books . she's sort of random and chaotic at times, but is overall a happy person. She's a character in Antel(a world made by Esther)) Hex code: #76ff7a
Nava: (A character based off of Sky: Children of the Light
hey're quiet usually, however are quite excited to talk to people that they know and are good friends with) Text color: #7756c9 - #3f2e87

Syllan: (a human with a staff that helps create magic, but they just use it to make their magic stronger, they're usually pretty nervous but are glad when they're near someone they trust) Text color: #66071a
Ataraxy: (a god of Nature and Time, even though they created the animals of the long ago past and given them the ability to evolve(not the Pokémon kind, like actual real-world-kind of evolution) whatever they evolve into they did not choose. They have dark purple hair with a pink sweater) Text color: #c92376
Tica: (a Pokémon trainer from Unova that traveled to the Kanto region, they're based off of my Pokémon Fusion Green save file) Text Color: #e63244
Comet: (Tica's partner Pokémon, is a Typhlosion + Hakamo-o fusion from Pokémon Fusion green and is able to change Tica's sword into a type of sword that let's Tica access Save States, credit to Esther for the name) Text color: #a12312
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Elemental 131

Mumble, I th-think that’s y-your name, if I w-were to get a n-new background f-for my phone, wh-what would it b-be?
(Elemental said there would be someone here) I might be a bit biased because I'm a demon aswell but I think this is a good one

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