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Short Story Assault in Purgatory - A Wall Of Flesh Short-ish Story

Inferno Gear

Quick Note - This story is based somewhat off Terraria Fan Idea Wiki's Boss Lore page, so feel free to check out the Wall of Flesh's made-up lore!:
Boss Lore

Let's begin!

It had began. The Terrarian had unleashed the Wall Of Flesh. The Guide warned him of it, the Demons pointed him towards it. All that the Terrarian knew is that if he was ever going to have a chance of defeating the lords which had messed with Terraria for so long, he would have to inflict great pain onto the Guide and wreak havoc in the Underworld to release the latent souls back into Terraria.

So, the Terrarian pulled out their Minishark and their Night's Edge upon hearing the roar, and began firing at the eyes. The Terrarian wanted to get this over with, so attacking the areas with the softest tissues would be the best bet. That would help even more since the Terrarian began to notice one scary factor about the wall...

It was speeding up quickly.

Meanwhile, back at the Terrarian's base, the Nurse had just noticed the severe burns the Guide had acquired. It was even worse than before, to the point where it should of been lethal. However, one thing just refused to happen. The Guide wouldn't die. By all rights, he should of been dead as soon as the doll hit the lava, but he just wouldn't die.

The wall wasn't slowing down at all. It kept going faster, and faster, and faster. The demons were beginning to fire at the Wall of Flesh too, as they saw one too many brave adventurers die to the beast, and now the wall was destroying everywhere in it's sight. But then, something happened which the demons weren't prepared for.

The wall began shooting Demon Scythes right back at the demons.

The demons began to die to the wall, one by one. But the Terrarian kept going. They were dodging the lasers and the scythes, and they kept a grip hold of the Minishark's trigger. And then, the Wall's mouth died.

That triggered a change in the Wall's behavior. It's eyes turned into new mouths. It's parasitic Hungries could no longer regenerate. And, worst of all, it's speed went up massively. The Terrarian's Frostspark Boots weren't going fast enough. So, it was going to be a close battle. However, the Terrarian refused to give up. And then, by sheer luck and willpower, the wall had died completely.

Voices began talking in the Terrarian's head, otherworldy and unintelligible voices. And then, one voice said something.

The spirits of light and dark have been released.

The voices faded. The world had been changed forever.

Welcome to Hardmode.
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