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tModLoader Assorted Crazy Things; A Mod Full of Crazy Things


Assorted Crazy Things v1.3.1 released, just in time for Terraria 1.4! Changelog and a preview of the new drone minions below.

May 15, 2020 (1.3.1) (latest version)
Updated to tModLoader 0.11! Contains a few bugfixes, sprite touch-ups and some new tiles and summoner weapons!


* Most accessories dropped from NPCs can now drop with prefixes on them
* Fix some pets glitching out when enemies were nearby
* Fix some NPCs with the slime AI that glitched into the ground

* Modified the sprites for the following Items:
* Breath of Spazmatism
* Extend-o-Net
* Golden Extend-o-Net
* Origami Manual
* Sight of Retinazer
* Sigil of Last Stand
* Soul Harvester Wings
* Tome of Shadowflame Skulls

* Modified the sprites for the following NPCs:
* Blood Shark
* Chunky's Eye
* Juggerllusc
* Meatball's Eye
* Whale Shark

* Modified the sprites for the following Pets:
* Chunky and Meatball
* Docile Demon Eye
* Observing Eye
* Tiny Twins

* Cute Gastropod now hostile instead of friendly
* Cute Slime (Overworld/Forest) spawn chance slightly reduced
* Cute Dungeon Slime now drops Golden Key most of the time
* Giant Anomalocaris spawn rate and its drops slightly increased
* Soul Harvester won't spawn randomly now
* Instead, until Soul Harvester is defeated, every dungeon enemy has a 0.5% chance to drop Idol of Decay
* One per game session, so it won't clutter the inventory

* Config is now integrated into "Mod Configurations"
* Everburning Candle (and its counterparts) now only apply with 20% chance (guaranteed before)

* Weapons
* Magic Slime Sling
* Earlygame summoner weapon, summons up to three (more with additional minion slots) short lived magic slimes when the magic gel hits something. Can only be used horizontally

* Drone Controller
* Command an army of drones, aiding you in battle both offensively and defensively
* Basic Laser Drone
* Heavy Laser Drone
* Missile Drone
* Healing Drone
* Shield Drone
* Unlock them by defeating The Destroyer for Drone Parts and then crafting the wanted drone type unlockable

* Enemies
* Cute Slimes can sometimes carry items that get dropped when killed or cought

* Pets
* Several vanilla enemies can now drop new pets
* Tiny Eater of Worlds
* Tiny Destroyer

* Several modded enemies can now be captured as pets
* Animated Tome

* Pet Vanity
* New Cute Slime vanity items have been added
* Cute Top Hat
* The staff got a new type: 'Magic'

* Tiles
* Added Cute Slime Statue
* Spawns all the forest biome cute slimes, not catchable
* Added Wyvern Campfire
* Keeps wyverns away and negates knockback from harpy feathers
* Added Costume Dresser
* Works like the Costume Suitcase, saves an inventory slot

* Removed deprecated Pet Vanity items that only vary in color
* Removed summoning items of legacy appearance Cute Slimes
* Healing Drone item is now deprecated, craft it into the unlock for the Drone Controller

* Cute Slimes now show up as "rare creatures"
* Soul Harvester
* You can now use Loose Dungeon Souls while he is alive to spawn them for the Soul Harvester to eat
* Statue summoned NPCs don't drop souls
* Some loot (accessories and souls) drops more the more players are present during the fight

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Nova Dee

High-quality mod. I really like the unique mechanics in mod. On the second attempt, Eater of World drops out. I probably won’t have time to get the Destroyer.
Thanks for the work and support for the mod. I'm really looking forward to the mod and in the updated 1.4
p.s. please do not remove pets - Harpy, Slime King and possibly others. They are cute.`:passionate:


whould it be possible to have a pet only version aswell?

the extra enemies arent bad, but i dont want any extra stuff in my current modpack that might alter progression from what we've changed. more vanity stuff whould be great tho.


Would be nice if you uploaded the .tmod file to github because the TmodLoader doesn't let me download it without updating it to the newer version, the problem being the newer version doesn't have a 64 bit version, so I'm stuck wanting your mod and not having the means to download it T.T

Can you do it?



🔍 Searching the forum, I see a lack of something, and looking at your own wiki's items, it looks like you could possibly handle it.

Do you think it'd be possible to make harpy and lamia summon items?

I've only ever seen such a weapon in one other mod, but it used a tiny custom sprite instead of the monster's original form.

The basic enemy sprites could be used without alteration (or at least that'd be nice to see),
and I'm not sure about harpies (maybe base theirs off the Imp Staff?)

but the lamia weapon could be an altered Pirate Staff. A pirate minion roams and hops much like a lamia, which only does contact damage, anyway. Size would obviously need adjustment though.

As if I know anything about modding. 🙇‍♀️

🤔 I would however probably have it so the summon weapons can be upgraded a few tiers to keep up with endgame weapons, for style and fun, since weapons are inevitably outclassed by stronger equipment, and players rarely get to stick to a style of minion they like.

😐 More summon weapons could use tier upgrades. At least there's a few mods that enable people to strengthen existing stuff, though there's a limit.

Also, an upgraded weapon wouldn't also have to include an upgraded minion sprite necessarily. Maybe just a slightly more fancy sprite for the weapon itself, to show that it's upgraded.

Or not. 🤷‍♀️ It could entirely be contained in the weapon's name.
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A very VERY good mod guys!
the ideas in it are pretty cool :3
it has become one of my favorite mods! congrat for your job!
and a cute slimygirl :3


I just remembered something when looking at the Cute Slimes.

Because of how her face is covered, and the way her mouth is drawn in, a friend thought the Cute Illuminant Slime looked like she had a Minecraft face. It's a little odd to me too though, now that I think about it.

I don't know if there's any way to improve her appearance somehow to counter that. 🤷‍♀️ I do however love that even though she's a pet, she still glows like any illuminant creature, complete with trailing effect.

With their huge heads though, compared to a player's size, personally I prefer the Cute Green or Black Slimes, though I'm starting to like the Jungle Slime a bit. Probably because she's poisonous like I'm trying to be. 🐍And she's not too much bigger.

For those who haven't tried the mod yet, each slime is a diferent size, with the pink one, based on Pinky, being the smallest.
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In case you missed it, there have been two bugfix/polishing updates since 1.3.1! Changelogs can be found on the wiki: Link. The latest update added the long overdue update to newest Boss Checklist version!

@quixoticstargazer we will concider your minion ideas for the next content update


Costume Suitcase - Overhaul
All Cute Slime decor items turn consumable, and only one need, after use the Costume Suitcase to use.
(Similar with unlock new drone to Drone Controller)

Add new clothes and accessories.


Costume Suitcase - Overhaul
All Cute Slime decor items turn consumable, and only one need, after use the Costume Suitcase to use.
(Similar with unlock new drone to Drone Controller)

Add new clothes and accessories.

We concider a UI overhaul for this.
PSA btw: ACT will update soon after 1.4 tModLoader releases.
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