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tModLoader Auralite mod

What do you think of the mod?

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    Votes: 209 91.7%
  • Nah, it needs work (Please tell me how)

    Votes: 8 3.5%
  • This mod is terrible. You should be ashamed of your existance.

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The Destroyer
Welcome to the page for my in development mod, Auralite.

This mod will add 4 post moonlord dimensions, with the use of the alternate dimensions mod by jopojelly. One for each lunar pillar, there will be plenty to explore and find in year.

The recruitment scale:
Green means we need them
Yellow means they could be useful, but are not needed
Red means they are of no use

Musicians We do NOT need

We need coders
We need spriters

Also, we have a discord. Want to talk to the devs, suggest ideas, or just hang out? Click here!

Dev team:
The dev team is quite small at the moment, and we could always use more devs
The team includes:
@Graydee (Coder, bad spriter, lead dev)
@Some Schmo (Spriter)
@PhoenixBlade (Spriter)
@Lordcakespy (Musician)

• Mod Status Checking Lenny|( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)|
• If its Green, we're working on the mod as you read this.
• If its Yellow, we're slacking off
• If its Orange, mod development has mostly stopped, if not fully for a good reason
• If it's Red, then the mod is stopped/ended for at least awhile


The main focus of the mod is dimensions. One for each of the celestial pillars. Since images don't do justice to it, here's a video of them:

To access a dimension, you must get the specified celestial potion, crafted with the respective fragments and luminite.

All the dimensions have new monsters, items, bosses, mini biomes, furniture, blocks, and more (to be shown off)
Note that the items from the dimensions are NOT class specific. They're entire sets.

Celestial essenses. Obtained from their respective dimensions. Used for crafting extremely powerful items
Starfire Piece. Found in starfire mini biome, for crafting starfire gear.
Starfire shield: Creates a rotating “barrier” of starfire chunks. They launch and do about 300 summon damage to the nearest enemy.
Supernova hammer. Crafted with solar essense. Creates a large explosion on impact
Pulsing plasma blade: launches a thin beam of plasma constantly from the tip that grapples to the nearest enemy
CoreStaff (1).png
Energy unleasher: Launches a beam that splits into smaller homing beams multiple times.
Stardust overflow staff: Launches a pure beam of star destruction.
NebulaStaff.png Spacecloud staff: Crafted with nebula Essense Launches nebula stars from the opposite end of the screen.
Starudst Cannon. Launches out twinkle stars.
Starfire rifle: Bullets create wall-climbing fire on hit.
Dark matter blaster: Crafted with vortex essense. Launches lightning bolts quickly
Star orb: Creates a stardust orb to steal life from enemies and throw hearts
Vortex crawler. Found in the vortex realm. Dashes toward you extremely fast when at your level (like with a tabi) and climbs walls.
Solar titan: Leaps at player, causing AoE damage. When lower than half HP, starts throwing its hamaxe like a paladin.
Star Tissue: Charges at player, releasing star cells.
Solar core. Spins and chagres at you, leaving a trail of fireballs
It's just a bit to get you appetized.

Also, we have a youtube channel now.
Special thanks:
TrueWyvern, for making some sprites
Jopojelly and Eldrazi, for alternate dimension help
Bluemagic, Iriazul, Jenosis, and others for helping me with code on the tmodloader discord.
And, of course, the team this amazing game.

To show your support for the mod, simply put this into your signature:

No download yet, since it isn't out, but there will be one when it comes out.

Thank you for checkng out my mod. Feedback and criticism welcome
Leave suggestions, and they might wind up in the mod


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The Destroyer
Sorry for 2 item tabs. Theres some strange bug. I reported it, I hope the mods will fix it.

EDIT: Fixed


Official Terrarian
each world can generate all the biome? (included granite and marble biome)
The Things In the black boxes,are all Biomes from the mod,currently the only have no map color :p
And these is only a small part of an small world currently,so there wil be enough place for many biomes C:
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