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tModLoader Auralite mod

What do you think of the mod?

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    Votes: 210 91.3%
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  • This mod is terrible. You should be ashamed of your existance.

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The Destroyer
About the big new project:
We have enough to be able to work on other thing (which means more updates to the op) but not enough to show. Maybe in a few weeks.

Again, it's absolutely huge, so be patient


The Destroyer
New biome! Flower forest biome.
Bonus pic (not on the op)
Capture 2016-08-19 13_42_48.png

Lunatic Lobbyist

The Destroyer
New biome! Flower forest biome.
Bonus pic (not on the op)
View attachment 134904
Nice work! Not sure how I feel about that dirt texture (a bit repetitive-looking imo), but the flowers look great. If you can substitute long grass for additional flowers, vines, and other colorful foliage that can be cut-down growing in-between, I believe it would look incredible. Also I can imagine larger living-tree equivalents in this style looking pretty nice. Regardless, looks promising!


Welcome to the page for my in development mod, Auralite.
View attachment 132424
This mod will focus around a lot of new biomes, specifically mini biomes to make the undergorund a little less boring, aswell as a lot of other content.
So far, I have only 5 biomes, and a bit more content beyond that. It only recently started

The recruitment scale:
Green means we need them
Yellow means they could be useful, but are not needed
Red means they are of no use

Musicians We do NOT need
Spriters we could use.
We could use coders

Also, we have a discord. Want to talk to the devs, suggest ideas, or just hang out? Click here!

Dev team:
The dev team is quite big, and will allow us to be truly ambitious with this project
The team includes:
@Graydee (Coder, bad spriter, lead dev)
@Some Schmo (Spriter)

@Atomic (Coder)
@EchoNex (Coder)
@Kodokou (Spriter)
@Zocklukas (Coder)
@Zygonic (Spriter)
@Shiki Sakura (Musician)
@VoxelFox (Spriter)
@PhoenixBlade (Spriter)
@Lordcakespy (Musician)
@thegamemaster1234 (Coder)


View attachment 131168


Deep underground lies a disgusting cavern of fungus and slimes. This place is known as the slime den. Use the mushrooms here to create new potions, or the mutated gel to create all new items, such as the mycelium slimestaff, or fungus charm. This place is gross and dangerous, home to giant sliems and carnivorous fungi.

View attachment 131169


On the opposite side of the spectrum lies the mystic caves. Brimming with pristine stone and ore, you can find placed mana crystals and strange orbs here, as well as unique early game wepaons. Be careful though, as creatures here may be naturally drawn to your presense, and try to lash out at you for disturbing the local mana pool. If you can survive this onslaught, you'll find a stash of magic orbs in the center. What do they do? Who knows.

View attachment 131675

Music: https://soundcloud.com/lordcakespy/underground-spring-auralite

A serene and tranquil place, the underground springs are rare, but going there makes enemies spawn less, and critters spawn more. In the center, however, lies a small shrine, with gifts from the
essence of Terraria itself. No new enemies lie here until hardmode. Enjoy total relaxation while it lasts, human.

View attachment 133406

Music: [not finished, will post when it is]

Deep underground, he was approaching the land of demons, when he found a dark cavern. He ventured into it, only to find an ash covered lava cave. As he ventured deeper into this cavern, it became hotter, to the point where the floor melted beneath him, revealing more molten lava. He ventured to the center, to find a melting chest. When he opened it, he only found a piece of paper with a simple message written
"Remember my fire"

The volcanic ashes is a biome that is found close to the underworld. Despite being filled with lava, it is rather dark, with orange glow. Roamed by dangerous molten creatures, this place only really becomes interesting in hardmode, when the lava starts giving leeway for monsters to destroy you, and guard their molten crystals, aswell as...something... in the center.

View attachment 134901

Music - https://soundcloud.com/lordcakespy/flower-forest

It had been a long day. He had almost died to evil creatures. Making his way home, he saw colors in the distant. Intrigued, he ventured fourth over to it, to find a colorful forest of reds, blues, and yellows. As he went in, he felt an unexplainable happiness. He has found true happiness. The animals around him frolicked, and he decide to rest there. It was bliss.

The flower forest biome is a mini biome on the surface (bizarre, i know) that has unique loot, and decreased spawns, but new enemies. The plant fiber from the trees can be used for new potions, or new weapons. Being in the biome gives happy buff, and is an interesting place to setup. If you venture underground, however, things get more interesting...

View attachment 132875 Pearls. Drop from oysters, which spawn in the ocean.
View attachment 133495 Fungi gel. Drop from fungus slimes.
View attachment 133652 View attachment 133653 Granite and marble shards. Dropped by granite and marble enemies. Used for crafting.
View attachment 131175 Enchanted mirror. Accessory that occasionally creates shadow blades when you do damage
View attachment 133654 Aura watch. Getting hit
occasionally gives you stolen time, which slows all projectiles and NPCs for a few seconds.

Marble and granite boots. Like yin and yang, they have opposite effects. Found in their respective biome chests.
View attachment 132872 Marble boots make you faster, but lose defense
View attachment 132874 Granite boots give you defense, but make you slower
View attachment 133102 Granite in a bottle. Allows a double jump that drops damaging pebbles.

View attachment 133684 Bubbly crystal. Found in ocean chests. Being underwater increases all stats slightly.

View attachment 132873 Slime charm. Gives better jump height and speed.
View attachment 133741 Marble gauntlet. Crafted with marble shards and souls of might. Reflects projectiles for 1/3 the damage.
View attachment 132869 Supernova hammer. Crafted with solar fragments. Creates an explosion when hitting enemies to damage nearby ones

View attachment 131173 Mystic blade. Found in mystic cave chests. Launches magic fire bolts twice per swing.
View attachment 134422 Marble rapier. Has a chance to deflect incoming projectiles.
View attachment 132870 Slime spear. Found in slime chests. Inflicts slimy, and launches enemies quite far.
View attachment 133409 Marauder sword. Crafted with antilion mandibles and silk at an anvil. Quick and deadly, also launching sand particles.
View attachment 132085 Pearl sword. Crafted with pearls. Launches a fragile pearl to explode on collision
View attachment 133740 Magma blade. Hitting an enemy produces sparks, which can hit more enemies.

View attachment 134433 Sludgeball. Crafted with mutated gel. Creates lingering toxic mushrooms.
View attachment 133692 Putrid staff. Crafted with fungus slime. Launches projectiles to leave behind lingering mushrooms.
View attachment 133407 Gem rune. Crafted with 5 of each gem at an anvil. Launches gem colored homing fireballs.
View attachment 133408 Magmatic blast. Gotten from the molten ash biome in hardmode. Launches a wide angle of fiery particles.
View attachment 132866 Spacecloud staff: Crafted with nebula fragments. Launches nebula stars from the opposite end of the screen.
View attachment 133738 Magma staff. Launches fire spikes that ignite the ground.
View attachment 131172 Mana staff. Drop from mystic guardian [New boss, stay tuned ;)]. Launches slow moving star to following the mouse
View attachment 132083 Pearl bow. Crafted with pearls. Launches arrows quickly. Good early game bow.
View attachment 132086 Pearl arrow: Explodes into a pearl on hit.

View attachment 133913 Sludge repeater. Launches slime arrows, which leave behind toxic mushrooms.
View attachment 133742 Granite shotgun. Crafted with granite shards.
View attachment 133739 Magmatic bow. Arrows leave a trail of flame.
View attachment 133410Marauder bow. Every shot launches sand particles and arrows.
View attachment 132871 Mystic bow. Launches shadow arrows, which consume what they touch in shadow, dealing damage and making them temorarily immobile.
View attachment 132868 Dark matter blaster: Crafted with 18 vortex fragments. Launches lightning bolts quickly
View attachment 132084 Pearl staff: Crafted with pearls. Creates a magical pearl to orbit you.
View attachment 131171 Mycelium slime staff. Found in slime chests. Summons a mutated slime to fight for you, and leave behind mushrooms, which heal 1 HP each.
View attachment 132867 Star orb: Creates a stardust orb to steal life from enemies and throw hearts
View attachment 131170 Desert dagger. Crafted with antlion mandibles and gold. Throwing weapon that inflicts sandstorm, which damages nearby enemies.
View attachment 133691 Marauder dagger. Leaves behind sand particles.
View attachment 132088 Pearl armor. Crafted with pearls. Good early game summoning armor.
View attachment 132091 Oysters. Found under the ocean. Passive, and doesn't move. Drop pearls
View attachment 132092 Fungus slime. Found in slime den. Leaves a trail of toxic mushrooms, and drops mutated gel!
View attachment 134890 Shadow wizard. Found in mystic caves. Caster AI that teleports when you get too close, making you have to use ranged weapons.

Special thanks:
TrueWyvern, for making some sprites
Jopojelly, for alternate dimension help (Stay tuned ;))
Bluemagic, Iriazul, Jenosis, and others for helping me with code on the tmodloader discord.
And, of course, the team this amazing game.

What we're working on now:
We're currently working on weapons for the new biomes, aswell as a secret project.

To show your support for the mod, simply put this into your signature:

No download yet, since it isn't out, but there will be one when it comes out.

Thank you for checkng out my mod. Feedback and criticism welcome
Leave suggestions, and they might wind up in the mod
My mod convo has gone dead for a really long time so I think I want to make some sprites for this mod
Nice work! Not sure how I feel about that dirt texture (a bit repetitive-looking imo), but the flowers look great. If you can substitute long grass for additional flowers, vines, and other colorful foliage that can be cut-down growing in-between, I believe it would look incredible. Also I can imagine larger living-tree equivalents in this style looking pretty nice. Regardless, looks promising!
i dont know, but looking at that picture i think all the dirt under the ground also has grass on it, so maybe just a worldgen bug that covered all of it with grass?
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