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About Us

Aurora is a Dedicated Terraria server founded in 2013 that is powered by unique ideas. Join us in our colorful world for an unforgettable Terraria experience, where your possibilities of having fun reach no limit! On our Terraria server, you may get free items, build, fight monsters, PvP and more.

We do have a large focus on and cater towards building and have a ranking system designed around that, but that shouldn't stop you from doing pretty much anything & everything you could possibly hope to do in Terraria here on Aurora!

Free Items

On Aurora, you have default access to the /i command and free item areas. This allows you obtain any item in the game with ease and have them saved in your character's inventory.

Building Opportunities

Aurora's map is designed to provide building space to as many players as possible, with frequent resets every 1-3 months to ensure that there are always fresh spaces for new users to build. Don't worry about losing your work, however – you may request to transfer your build to the next map. We routinely upload all of our maps in their final state to easily be downloaded and used as one of your single-player worlds. Additionally, we plan on using Steam Workshop to upload our old maps in the future for a more seamless experience!

A Place to Learn

With our team of adept Builders, you will more often than not see wonderfully constructed builds on Aurora, which you may draw inspiration from. Feel free to ask any of them for assistance and critique if you are an aspiring builder as well. Apply for Builder ranks and gain access to more commands, tools (WorldEdit) and a special building server!

PvE for Everyone

Our many Helpers and staff members will be more than happy to spawn bosses for you to fight in our PvE arena. We also feature switches that allow you to summon waves of enemies at your discretion. Fight them together with other players and try to overcome their scalable Expert health pools!

PvP for Everyone (WIP)

Aurora currently has a PvP arena in the works. PvP has historically been in the shadow of our building focus, so please bear with us!

Show Off Your Skills

Aurora features build and vanity contests that grant rewards to podium finishers! Rewards vary with each contest, but you will always earn a rank that you can show off to your peers while also earning free Donator benefits! You get to keep these until the next contest concludes. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Vibrant Community

At the heart of it all, Aurora is heavily based on its community, perhaps even more so than its features. If you're looking for friendly people to chat with, or are just seeking a place to kill your time, Aurora is the place for you! On top of the Terraria server, several areas of the community are based on Discord, where there are various chat channels in which you may discuss things like gaming, art or technology, on top of the general chat. Our Discord server is directly linked to Terraria so you can continue conversing out of game!

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What are you waiting for? Join now!

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