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Drawings & Paintings Aurora's Monster Lab and other Drawings


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This is my main thread for Non-Terraria related drawings. I will mainly be posting drawings I make of creatures not of this World I feel like drawing here. May cause admiration of cuteness or serve as nightmare fuel.

I have a Sister Art Thread which I use for my Terraria OCs and other Terraria related drawings I might create there. I made this new thread here so I could do Non-Terraria Drawings.

Requests are now closed. You may request any type of Animal/Plant/Monster as long as it fits the guidelines.

Request Slots:

1: (Open)
2: (Open)
3: (Open)

Request Guidelines
  • Specify whether you want an existing Animal/Plant, a Hybrid, or a Mutant
  • What type of creature you want drawn. (Can be real life or fantasy/sci-fi)
  • If you want a Hybrid, what species you want hybridized (Max: 3)
  • The body parts of the Hybrid or Mutant
  • Specify the Color Scheme you want your request to have (You may choose up to 3 main colors and I will use shades of those colors in the drawing, for example saying "Red" means I'll use Light and Dark Red in parts of the drawing as well)
  • Possible body parts and how many you can have on a single creature:
    • Arms and Legs (Max: 16) (Arms and Legs together contribute to this amount, for example a Human has 4 Arms and Legs)
    • Eyes (Max: 10) (A Compound Eye such as a Fly's Eye counts as 1 Eye)
    • Heads (Max: 8) (Can override limits for Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Antennae, but each individual head still is affected by the limit.)
    • Wings (Max: 6)
    • Nose (Max: 3)
    • Mouth (Max: 4)
    • Tail (Max: 10)
    • Fingers (Max: 8) (Applies to each arm of the creature)
    • Toes (Max: 8) (Applies to each leg of the creature)
    • Antennae (Max: 20)
  • Do not request any body feature that is NSFW as per the rules of the Forums.
  • Be sure to include additional information such as "neck length" or if your creature has claws/webbed hands/feet, eye type and anything else in your description of the creature you want drawn.
  • Reference images aren't necessary for Monster Requests here, but you may include one if you wish and it makes it easier naturally.
  • Can only request if there is an open Request Slot. "Locked" means I'm not accepting requests, "Open" means the 1st person who posts will get that slot for that request. The name of the user who made a request will be put in an open slot when they make a request. (Again this is on a first come first served basis)
  • Backgrounds as part of the monsters should be kept simple.
  • Specify a general size you would like your request to be. Either Small or Medium. Small being around 200x200 Pixels (Avatar Size), Medium anywhere from 500-1000 Pixels in length and width.
  • I give no guarantees for when requests are completed. They will get complete when I have enough time and want to draw.
  • Then lastly be sure you have a name for your Creature. Whether you want it to be a new species name or an individual's name. Otherwise I will give a name to it myself and it is very likely you won't like it :dryadgrin:

With that said I post my 1st creation out of my "lab" here: A Blue Poison Frog (6 Legs, 4 Eyes, and a Tail)
Mutant Frog.png

W-who said Adult frogs can't have tails!? T-this one does! It is special! Yes that's right!

The Monster I drew with my OC also counts as a Monster here. I'd say Kurosakura is classified as a Phoenix/Bird Hybrid. (2 Tails, 4 Eyes, 2 Arms, 2 Wings)
Akatsuki and Kurosakura no Kami v3.png

A Moose Agent. It appears to be guarding something very secret for someone (And it isn't for my main OC Akatsuki)
Moose Agent.png

A Lizard Creature I created. Which I find interesting. You may guess who they are loyal to.
Aka Lizard.png

More will be posted eventually.
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Oh hey, I actually made something Semi-Terraria related here Oh dear, but this is the Non-Terraria Art Section!

It actually is just drawings for a group of Terraria Suggestions I made awhile ago. Since they are Boss Monster-Type Enemies for a Terraria suggestion, they aren't completely Terraria related, and they are still products of my imagination so they belong here. I'm long overdue on making Concept Art for them, but better late than never. Right?! So with that said, I'm making a Monster Art Dump here.

I might decide to improve on their designs at some point, but this is what I have of them for now and it is better for the Suggestions to give a visual rather than a Paragraph of Words to read about visualizing their Physical Description.

The Soulful Undine:
Soulful Undine.png

The Graceful Sylph:
Graceful Sylph.png

The Supreme Gnome:
Supreme Gnome.png


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Made a little doodle here. I've always loved squirrels so I thought I would make a special cute squirrel here.

Cute Squirrel.png


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Could you draw me a fluffy little dragon?:3 I love your drawings!
I appreciate the compliments. I have requests closed currently, but if I get the urge to draw again, I will focus on drawing a dragon.

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serious,they will die in 7 days
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