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For a long time the game has had an issue where it starts smooth then slowly builds up lag until it crashes. Before 1.4 all I had to go on was that it went faster on larger worlds and some world's were worse than others. However in 1.4 I discovered that drunken and journey worlds were noticably worse than regular worlds. I realized that the main difference was that those world types likely had more complex data, So I turned off auto save and went on a large world that I had been having a lot of trouble with and after about an hour exploring underground there was no noticable increase in lag (there was two momentary lag spikes in this time, however I know that lag spikes are caused by a momentary increase in cpu usage such as a quick intensive operation while continuous lag is caused by the intensity of all active variables and continuous operation exceeding a threshold that varies depending on various factors most notably the device running the program.)

My first thought is that perhaps something is preventing the io streams from closing properly (if the game isn't written in Java I don't know what the equivalent is)

Sorry for the wordy post.

I just realized that my guess is probably wrong on thinking about it I'm fairly certain that you can't open a new stream to the same file if the previous one isn't closed first.

Also before turning off auto save it would crash several times in a longer session and since it hasn't crashed once this should demonstrate the difference.

I am also beginning to think that maybe this fits the criteria for a higher priority.
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