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tModLoader AutoReforge mod


Official Terrarian
Quick question, ¿Does this mod support the "Even More Modifiers Mod"? I've been reading the wiki of EMM and it says that "When a Weapon or Accesory is reforged it'll change the modifier" (Like, if i reforge a weapon with "Rare" i'll got any other modifier like "Legendary", "Uncommon", etc.) Note: This mechanic of reforge and get an extra modifier is momentary (Probably) according to the creator


mod of redemption has a druid class with an entirely new set of modifiers, and nothing appears in the part of the ui where you select what modifier you want

Sad Onion

Can you add support for the modifiers granted by the Mod of Redemption mod?
I'm afraid I can't if there is 0 modifiers listed in reforge goblin menu that means Mod of Redemption implemented prefix/items in somewhat unordinary way and I can't add support without source code and Mod of Redemption is not open source so there isn't much I can do.
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